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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Goodnight to All

Goodnight to all
and to all a good night;
thankful for another day
as the sun gives way to night.

Close your eyes and rest your mind
as you adjust the sheets and pillowcase.
time to seek slumber and rejuvenate;
the nightly proclivity our body postulates.

Irenic dreams I wish we could all possess;
though fleeting it seems at best.
Tossing and turning though unaware;
pillaging peaceful sleep amid the midnight air.

Saying “goodnight” is all just a formality;
far beyond the happenings of normality.
As things take place inside our cranium;
praying our nightmares are kept to a minimum.

Another day at its end and it’s time to pray;
to count your blessings for another day,
wishing serenity as nighttime falls and
to all a goodnight and goodnight to all.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Words to Live By

Sacrifice until the end is complete;
surrender, but don't accept defeat.
Become wise to all that you see;
compromise, even if you disagree.
Love even if it causes pain;
for it holds out hope that others you'll gain.
Speak out, but don't complain;
hate, but only the actions of others
and continue to forgive the sins of another.
Learn to say “I'm sorry” when you’re wrong;
recognize your weaknesses so that you may become strong.
For when you do others will appreciate;
realizing their weaknesses too, and will reciprocate.
Don't be afraid to cry if you feel the need,
regardless of what others say; don't concede
because you're not weak as some may think.
When given sound advice, take heed
so you'll be able to help others when in need.
If you do your best to accomplish all these things;
in God’s good graces and approval you'll remain.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In Trouble Again

My stupid mouth has got me in trouble again;
don’t know where it starts but it’s got to end.
Not even aware, thinking I was showing I cared;
my intentions were pure
without a doubt I’m sure;
it seems I just can't ever win.

It started out so innocently;
sitting across each other so peacefully.
It seemed so right, the words were flowing,
all of a sudden I did something without knowing.
I guess I did because the way she looked at me;
we haven't even ordered yet and she’s saying check please.

Oh boy this somehow feels like déjà vu;
time after time and I still don't know what to do.
Yet she won't tell me where I went wrong;
you know what you did, how can you be so dumb?!
That’s what she’s thinking and I’m so far from reality;
doing all that I can to try to make amends and not feel silly.

Oh how I wish I had no vocal cords;
that way I couldn't say the words.
Falling over myself to get through the door,
feeling I’ve been kick in the gut and I’m on the floor,
just by the look on her face I know I'll have to crawl
to get back in her graces – I just don't know how far.

With this stupid mouth I'll never speak again
no matter what I say I can never win.
It seems like I'm getting good at apologies;
I can tell by the holes of my pants at the knees
and so thankful she’s good at forgiving;
though she’s selective at forgetting.

I'm reminded time and time again of where I stand;
of when I mess up with a friendly reprimand.
Now I can't remember where I just left my keys; she
rolling her eyes with them in her hand and smirking at me.
Ah yes, I remember why she's called my better half;
so she can remind me and have her little laugh.

I'm smarter than she knows as I lead her on;
just play dumb and enjoy the outcome.
She feels sorry for me and after all she should;
if you could get away with it I know you would.
So there is a reason I do what I do, so don't feel sorry;
yeah, you believe that too? Well I'm sticking to it and that’s my story.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Ah, Yes

Ah yes, loves a many splintered thing;
because it leaves you broken up again.
I’m not good at this poetry gig;
I think it was Shakespeare who said:
“Two B’s or not Two B’s - that’s not in the alphabet!”

Mark’s Twang was really pronounced;
I think it was because he was from the south.
Literary art I literally dread; who cares
of reading things of people who are dead?
I rather go and read tombstones instead.

Stemming from the migraine in my head;
I ask, why Leonardo Di Vinci did what he did;
I mean what’s so good about Mona Lisa?
I think this stuff is full of the Tower of Pisa;
I mean if I were her I wouldn't want that face on my head.

Now all you artsy-fartsy people don’t get in a bunch;
I’m just having some fun, as you would say.
I could care less about Van Gogh or Monet;
I know this is the stuff that you live for today;
So when you die your art can pay your way.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

With Each Step I Take

With each step I take
closer to you I get;
though I'm not there yet;
one heart does not a love make.

Hoping that you'll return the favor
for it’s your love I want to savor.
No one is sweeter than you;
you're a picture perfect view.

That's just the tip of my tongue
of every word that I want to say;
when you come around I come undone
and I can tell that you feel the same way.

You confirm it with your words;
the sweetest ones I've ever heard,
for they are music to my ears
as you ask me to hold you near.

You and me now until forever
our lives we'll share together
Living on love and prayer along
with the tears and happiness we share.

From the day when we first met
I still haven't figured it out yet;
but glad I'm the love of your life
and so happy to call you my wife.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Frigid Inside

Dreams bouncing inside my head;
nestled up inside of my cocoon.
In the chilly January morn
trying to stay warm;
wishing it was the middle of June.

Here I am inside my room;
in this old house it’s so cold.
I don't want to get out of my bed;
no modern comforts of central heat,
wooden floors as cold as concrete!

No sooner do my feet touch the ground,
I do an about face and turn back around.
Since yesterday it was nice and warm;
forgetting I didn't dress for the occasion
I dove back into the bed I came from.

Ahh, back inside my layers I abide,
an unfruitful event of a feeble attempt;
foolishly getting out of bed too soon,
my body holding my mind in contempt;
wishing all the more so for the month of June.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Acrimonious Existence

My days, these desperate times;
the hopelessness hangs heavy -
it haunts me leaving me drained
and it seems I can't escape.

Glimmers of hope though faint
exist though only as a fine mist;
they being too far in between
as they dissipate in this wickedness.

And things are just getting worse;
we want to believe otherwise
but just can’t ignore the obvious
and it just makes me feel helpless.

Technology brings the world closer
connecting us in a personal way;
but yet we are getting further away;
love for our fellow humans lacking.

I know where this is all leading to;
it hurts knowing people won’t change -
the majority in fact could care less
as long it doesn’t affect them personally.

And I sink down into my very soul
seeing this whole world dying;
the earth given into our hands
and yet we are failing miserably.

So here I go putting on a brave face
pulling myself up by my bootstraps;
to live another day in “paradise”
not knowing what to expect – and hope I survive.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Friday, August 9, 2013

Section (I Plotted but Failed)

For most, people want a piece of land;
to them this is the dream of every man.
With blood, sweat, and tears doing all they can
hoping to acquire it so they can rest in the end.

In life it’s viewed as a wise investment
hoping it becomes their final settlement;
even though in life nothing is truly definite;
except for death, this for all of us is imminent.

Sections of land all for me to choose;
just look at them, they’re such beautiful views.
With their smooth talk they make it hard to refuse
but unfortunate for them I have an excuse.

I don’t have a great job or the best credit;
no matter how hard I tried I could never get it.
It seems it was the hand I was dealt with
though I’m leaving with nothing I’m not dejected.

The reason is I don’t have very long to live
and the money I have left I didn’t want to give.
No plot of land, but its okay I have another motive;
its cremation for me and a wooden urn that’s attractive.