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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Prison Walls

Inside these four walls the majority of my life has been,

all of my own doing and no one else to blame.

Slowly it eats at me and my hope fades from within;

realizing the cost I’ve had to pay with no freedom from this pain.

I wish I had learned then the things that I clearly know now;

age and experience it seems to be the only cruel teacher for me.

Rebellious youth and not wanting to listen is what kept me down,

now I wish and pray that one day I can be set free.

Free from the guilt and the turmoil forever stirring inside my soul,

the consequences of my actions always being a constant reminder

leaving me drained, empty and never feeling quite whole;

let me see the light to direct my steps and tear off these blinders.

If I’m ever granted the chance to praise the freedom I crave

I plead within my reasoning’s to this life of mine be saved;

protect my heart, sharpen my perceptive powers of right and wrong,

so that for only righteousness sake I become to it a slave,

making me aware of my sinful tendencies to help me resist and become strong;

to finally escape this prison from within

so I can enjoy this life and be happy again.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Monday, May 25, 2015

Postcard From the Heart

Like the rising sun steady and sure,
like a baby’s love innocent and pure,
like a fall morning crisp and clean,
I had to tell you how I feel
to let you know that this love is real.
So thankful to call you my wife;
you make a beautiful difference
to each day of my life!

I love you…

Copyright by NewLife2008

Survey Satisfaction Ha!

I went to check my email today,
Yahoo wanted me to take a survey;
I gladly obliged to their request
so I could get things off my chest;
I tell you this 360 thing is a mess!

Did our technical support do the trick?
Are you kidding, it would make a dead man sick!
All these questions from scales 1 to 10;
like this is a means to and end;
all I know it’s not working again!

I have so many poems to post;
to reveal what I think and feel
and I want 360 to be the host,
but it keeps messing up – what is the deal!?
The problems they keep having are unreal!

Asking if Yahoo answers helped any,
well I tried but to no avail;
I understand the suggestions but the problems are too many
that even a top-notch scientist couldn’t reveal;
tolling for an eternity and nothing resolved after all his years!

I will post this but it won’t show as I intended;
they ask me if I have any pearls of wisdom -
a pearl’s beginning is with an irritation;
I don’t have a pearl quite just yet
but I will if they don’t fix this situation!

Copyright by NewLife2008

Monday, May 11, 2015


Like an open book I read you as soon as I saw your tattered cover
believing you have integrity but you’re just like all the others;
while in person your face masquerades as if you’re amicable
but behind their backs your actions are nothing but despicable.
As though we don’t know how you really are; so obvious to us all
you think big of yourself, but in reality you’re nothing but small.

Diminutive in mind, short sighted and miserable
trying to shift blame; your actions make you culpable.
When it comes time for you to truly make your stand
you disappear like an ostrich sticking it’s head in the sand
oblivious that’s your excuse; you truly have no back bone
and when they need your backing you’re nothing but gone.

To err is to be human, but you take it as a personal slight
instead of responding as a professional you react out of spite;
no apology can be accepted; since forgiveness isn’t in you
keep it inside and wait until you get even, that’s what you do.
You act like you care but we know inside you don’t care one bit;
playing as if a victim and too blind to admit you’re really the culprit.

Copyright by NewLife2008