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Friday, November 13, 2015

My Last Memory

I’m sure it was a memory, yet so vivid;
I could see myself lying there
playing with blades of grass
as I laid on the warm soft ground.

Looking up I could see my mother,
she was calling me by my name;
her lips moved but there was no sound
and then she quickly fades away.

I wake up to find myself inside a room;
all alone lying in a hospital bed my
youngest recollection as a small child
and realize that I’m not dreaming.

So young, yet I was never afraid of being
alone, nor of needle injections or horse pills.
But things don’t stay the same and now
I can’t help worrying about everything.

Especially of dying. And it hits you like
a ton of bricks when you’re at that moment,
all of your memories good and bad; all
of your relationships and your regrets.

I’m awake but blackness surrounds me;
I hear panicked voices, but I can’t see a thing.
I feel a gentle touch and soft sobbing I want
to say something but I can’t; then, it’s all over.

You hope when your gone, people cared
enough so as to go and pay their respects
but who’s to say, you’re dead and the last
memory is like a dream, one you never wake from.

Copyright by NewLife2008