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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

This Is Us

This is us.
When I first heard your voice,
it was like chocolate;
smooth, satisfying and fulfilling.

Talking to you was like a holiday
I never did want it to end.
I learn the innermost you
then, I fell in love.

This is us.
You said I made you laugh,
you loved the shape of my nose;
I made you have faith in a man.

We grew together not like a bamboo,
But like slowly unraveling pedals,
Little by little by the warmth
Of sunshine that was our love.

It was sure and unmistakable,
nothing would stop the inevitable
and we were both fine with that;
this is us.

Together in our joys, in our sorrows,
In our pains, oh boy our pains,
they seem to multiply daily
but still our love remains.

Happy is a state of mind;
but it seems our minds are failing
along with our bodies,
but we’re determined to keep it together.

It doesn’t mean it’s easy
and it might not change;
so we take it day by day
and remain focused on our future.

So whatever happens, I’m glad I have you,
you’re the elixir for my life;
I will be the shoulders to lean on
and eventually we’ll make it; this is us.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Mary and Nick

Mary and Nick loved each other through thin and thick
Mary would do anything as she was head over heels for Nick
Nick loved Mary but some things just aren't made to last
as Mary and Nick lived their life too hard and too fast.

Hot headed they would start fights at the drop of a hat
jealousy ruled they're lives as it was more than a love spat
she was beautiful and dangerous and flaunted it carelessly
Nick was chiseled and handsome and flirtatious as could be.

Neither of them could change and so it’s more of the same
Hurting each other carelessly and not accepting the blame
Mary is always crying wishing Nick would just understand
Nick is too prideful and won’t concede because he’s a “man”

Mary blames Nick for their lot in life and has grown tired
Nick just goes from job to job and is always getting fired
Mary now just stays in her room and keeps to herself
She loves Nick but wishes for another life somewhere else

Despite their love for each other they were like oil and water
it got to the point where they just couldn't stand each other
too much of the same life, they could no longer remain
their passion and desire die out from what was once a flame.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, February 11, 2018


A slowly drifting sherbet dream
is falling off into the horizon;
the colors so calming and serene
I’m mesmerized but clearly realizing,
the day is kissing us goodnight.

Floating into the nothingness
behind to where nobody knows;
wholly enveloped in the darkness
into my unconsciousness it grows;
dreams explode under a shimmering satellite.

Shuddering is the night
from a winter’s breathe;
the wind screaming from frostbite
not even a blanket of clouds bring relief
as the leaves toss and turn in the night.

And I don’t feel or hear a thing.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Monday, January 15, 2018

Broken Adolescence

Picture perfect, flawless in every way,
a thousand suns couldn’t shine brighter than you;
but what you say makes me see through
and suddenly it’s like night and day;
now I see it’s more of what you do
and no longer is a pedestal where you stay.

It hurts so much since I never had the chance
to heal from your reckless moods;
always afraid of what I would say or do.
Your anger boiling over at the drop of a hat;
never realizing how much I loved you;
and wondering how if you loved me could do that.

Inside my emotions cry while outside I hide,
like a statue devoid of all that one can perceive.
Not letting you to get the best of me though
barely alive inside while I sadly grieve,
I bid my time when I can finally leave and
wondering why did you even carry me?

Time goes on and it seems like there is no end;
I can’t lie you have your good points
but I can’t go on living in pretend.
You say you love me but I don’t remember those days,
living on your habits it seems it was you I raised;
sometimes the pain is just better to forget.

Try as I may, I can’t live on this way;
though I hoped for the best, it won’t be.
Time for me to leave, for me to be free,
your words no longer carry any weight.
You say you will always loved me;
I loved you, but now it’s too late.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Do You Know a Moon’s Sorrow

Do you know a moon’s sorrow?
When shrouded by brooding clouds
as thunder and lightning cry out
masking the glory of its brilliant light?

Its luminance not even that of a firefly,
nature’s night light hanging in desperation;
desperate for some kind of cooperation
but this night the tempest just won’t comply.

Hours pass without an admiring fixation,
regretfully the satellite resigns and succumbs.
Pushed aside from the cyclic rotation;
swallowed up by the brilliance of the sun.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cemented Dreams

The window of my soul
peak through vinyl ladders;
sunbeam dreams
keep me mesmerized
though the view
is just out of my reach.

A wistful longing, deep
from within, for what
I don’t even know;
if only the window of
my soul would open up
wouldn’t you know, it’s stuck.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Stinging Rain

I see you in my memory;
it keeps replaying over and over
and I can’t break away as I keep
coming back to that cold and rainy day.

A water crescendo falling outside of my window,
drowning out the pain I can’t hide
but not the water shed of tears that hit the floor;
all alone as I hear you slam the front door.

The wheels keep turning in my brain
wondering where exactly we went wrong;
seeing you leave in the pouring rain
realizing the love was gone all along.

Running outside in the torrential rain
like a fool hoping against all hope;
praying that you’ll look back and turn around
but inside I know I’ll never see you again.

I’m wet, cold, and chilled to the bone
I don’t want to go inside, but I can’t stay here
in the middle of the road –  but you’re not
coming back – this much is clear.

Rainy days leave me feeling melancholy;
it takes me back every now and again
when I hear the patter on my window pane,
I painfully realize I no longer have anybody.

Copyright by NewLife2008