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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Not Sure Anymore

I’m not that strong
but still I carry on;
another day all alone
trying to make it on my own,
oh how I miss you so.

Not a day goes by
of me wondering why
you found it necessary
to leave the one you married;
saying you had to go.

I try to understand your fears,
but understand I need you here.
Every night I lie in my bed alone
I never thought I would be on my own
this far down the road.

What you’re doing with your life
I don’t know, but what do you care?
You left without any definite answer
leaving everything up in the air
it’s turned out to be a disaster.

I remember all the times we shared;
all the times you said you loved me
and how you would never leave.
Always together forever, you and me
but I’m not too sure anymore.

So many nights I cry
wishing you were by my side.
My feelings live inside myself
to others they’re never shown
I smile and keep carrying on.

You’re still in my heart;
but I’m not that strong;
faithful to you I’ll always be
but I’m losing hope that
you’ll ever come back to me.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact
that you’re not coming back, though
in my heart you will always stay.
I love you even though you’re gone
but with or without you I will carry on.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Monday, December 16, 2013

Pain of Fogetting

The pain of forgetting
you is  hard to forget;
since I’m not over you yet.
It’s the hardest thing to do
but I have no other choice;
it seems I mattered little to you
realizing I never had a voice.
Your words didn’t mean a thing
leaving me without any regret;
caring less of the pain it brings.
Letting myself be deceived
I was blinded by appearances;
little by little the layers revealed
underneath you’re so much less.
Looking back, I wish I seen it sooner;
but I was blinded by your glittery mess.
Ridding myself of every vestige
you left behind I threw it all away
even though your memory lingers
the scars I bare will always stay.
I don’t regret my life; I just regret you
and what you did cuts like a knife
since my heart to you belonged.
So I embark on my new journey
though I don’t have a destination;
as I learn to be content with my life
and with what and who I am.
Though I still think of you at times
the pain of forgetting you is gone
you’re more a figment of my imagination
as if you were never there all along.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maternal Pacifier

Awakened from a nightmare I didn’t understand
sitting upright in my bed with a frightened stare
and eyes wide open not able to control my fear.

Up and off bed to the hardwood floor I land,
running into my mother’s loving arms of care;
asking me what’s wrong as she wipes away the tears.

Intently listening as if my worries were paramount;
looking into my frighten eyes and holding my hand
she started to speak and I hung on her every word.

What she spoke to me gave me no reason to doubt;
a calming force she displayed with such command
that with every word she spoke it always reassured.

On her lap my head laid as I played with her plaid skirt;
calming me with her voice as it reverberated in my chest
while stroking my hair; I started to slowly fall asleep.

My mother always aware knew I was drifting but still alert;
nudged me to get up and sent me off to bed to get my rest.
Getting up from her lap I went back to bed and fell into a heap.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meteorological Spectacle

Clouds torn and dark;
boiling anger of two invisible masses;
they collide without prejudice
creating a tempest ready to unleash.
Its subjects at its mercy,
no premeditation, no malice;
though violent still in it’s intent.
Down comes the torrent
pummeling and unforgiving;
It’s presence felt by the boisterous wind
attacking everything in its path;
nothing is left unscathed.
Fire lighting the sky, hotter than the sun,
causing waves of air to reverberate the ground;
stomping the earth and leaving its presence behind
as it slowly dissipates with nowhere to be found.
The cascades unrelenting still;
creating masses of liquid that weren't there before;
pushing and bursting forth no longer to be contained
as it finds the path of least resistance down a drain
taking everything in its path.
Slowly it finally abates; no longer a driving rain
the precipitation returning from where it came,
the dark mass moves itself along;
suddenly the tempest is gone.
As raindrops blanket the land
giving it sustenance and rejuvenation,
the events making the air clean again;
prolonging all of life’s creation;
the cycle is back to where it began.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Dream Crazy

3:17 am and I'm awakened by a sound;
something eerily familiar comes around
and it brings chills down my spine.
It’s here again and it’s stealing my time
nothing in the house seems to be amiss;
but somehow this gut feeling still exists.
It’s a presence I feel but can’t shake
and the reason as to why I'm awake.
It seems to be only messing with me,
my wife is asleep but it won't let me be.
So back to the bedroom in the bed I climb,
I pull the covers over me and look at the time;
it’s 4:38 am and I'm trying to get back to sleep again.
As I go back to sleep I wonder if this was all pretend;
time to wake up as the alarm goes off; it’s now 6 am.
I asked my wife how she slept and I get a surprise
she said she didn't sleep a wink - I can see it in her eyes.
She said I tossed and turned all night long
and that it was me that kept her up all along.
“So I didn't get up earlier this morning around 3 am?”
“no she said, and I tried to shake you again and again
but to no avail, you just laid there out like a light.”
But I could have sworn it was the other way around;
it was me that was awakened up by a sound!
She just stared at me and then said a few words;
“Now that you’re up I can sleep” and THAT was all I heard.

 Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Goodnight to All

Goodnight to all
and to all a good night;
thankful for another day
as the sun gives way to night.

Close your eyes and rest your mind
as you adjust the sheets and pillowcase.
time to seek slumber and rejuvenate;
the nightly proclivity our body postulates.

Irenic dreams I wish we could all possess;
though fleeting it seems at best.
Tossing and turning though unaware;
pillaging peaceful sleep amid the midnight air.

Saying “goodnight” is all just a formality;
far beyond the happenings of normality.
As things take place inside our cranium;
praying our nightmares are kept to a minimum.

Another day at its end and it’s time to pray;
to count your blessings for another day,
wishing serenity as nighttime falls and
to all a goodnight and goodnight to all.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Words to Live By

Sacrifice until the end is complete;
surrender, but don't accept defeat.
Become wise to all that you see;
compromise, even if you disagree.
Love even if it causes pain;
for it holds out hope that others you'll gain.
Speak out, but don't complain;
hate, but only the actions of others
and continue to forgive the sins of another.
Learn to say “I'm sorry” when you’re wrong;
recognize your weaknesses so that you may become strong.
For when you do others will appreciate;
realizing their weaknesses too, and will reciprocate.
Don't be afraid to cry if you feel the need,
regardless of what others say; don't concede
because you're not weak as some may think.
When given sound advice, take heed
so you'll be able to help others when in need.
If you do your best to accomplish all these things;
in God’s good graces and approval you'll remain.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In Trouble Again

My stupid mouth has got me in trouble again;
don’t know where it starts but it’s got to end.
Not even aware, thinking I was showing I cared;
my intentions were pure
without a doubt I’m sure;
it seems I just can't ever win.

It started out so innocently;
sitting across each other so peacefully.
It seemed so right, the words were flowing,
all of a sudden I did something without knowing.
I guess I did because the way she looked at me;
we haven't even ordered yet and she’s saying check please.

Oh boy this somehow feels like déjà vu;
time after time and I still don't know what to do.
Yet she won't tell me where I went wrong;
you know what you did, how can you be so dumb?!
That’s what she’s thinking and I’m so far from reality;
doing all that I can to try to make amends and not feel silly.

Oh how I wish I had no vocal cords;
that way I couldn't say the words.
Falling over myself to get through the door,
feeling I’ve been kick in the gut and I’m on the floor,
just by the look on her face I know I'll have to crawl
to get back in her graces – I just don't know how far.

With this stupid mouth I'll never speak again
no matter what I say I can never win.
It seems like I'm getting good at apologies;
I can tell by the holes of my pants at the knees
and so thankful she’s good at forgiving;
though she’s selective at forgetting.

I'm reminded time and time again of where I stand;
of when I mess up with a friendly reprimand.
Now I can't remember where I just left my keys; she
rolling her eyes with them in her hand and smirking at me.
Ah yes, I remember why she's called my better half;
so she can remind me and have her little laugh.

I'm smarter than she knows as I lead her on;
just play dumb and enjoy the outcome.
She feels sorry for me and after all she should;
if you could get away with it I know you would.
So there is a reason I do what I do, so don't feel sorry;
yeah, you believe that too? Well I'm sticking to it and that’s my story.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Ah, Yes

Ah yes, loves a many splintered thing;
because it leaves you broken up again.
I’m not good at this poetry gig;
I think it was Shakespeare who said:
“Two B’s or not Two B’s - that’s not in the alphabet!”

Mark’s Twang was really pronounced;
I think it was because he was from the south.
Literary art I literally dread; who cares
of reading things of people who are dead?
I rather go and read tombstones instead.

Stemming from the migraine in my head;
I ask, why Leonardo Di Vinci did what he did;
I mean what’s so good about Mona Lisa?
I think this stuff is full of the Tower of Pisa;
I mean if I were her I wouldn't want that face on my head.

Now all you artsy-fartsy people don’t get in a bunch;
I’m just having some fun, as you would say.
I could care less about Van Gogh or Monet;
I know this is the stuff that you live for today;
So when you die your art can pay your way.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

With Each Step I Take

With each step I take
closer to you I get;
though I'm not there yet;
one heart does not a love make.

Hoping that you'll return the favor
for it’s your love I want to savor.
No one is sweeter than you;
you're a picture perfect view.

That's just the tip of my tongue
of every word that I want to say;
when you come around I come undone
and I can tell that you feel the same way.

You confirm it with your words;
the sweetest ones I've ever heard,
for they are music to my ears
as you ask me to hold you near.

You and me now until forever
our lives we'll share together
Living on love and prayer along
with the tears and happiness we share.

From the day when we first met
I still haven't figured it out yet;
but glad I'm the love of your life
and so happy to call you my wife.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Frigid Inside

Dreams bouncing inside my head;
nestled up inside of my cocoon.
In the chilly January morn
trying to stay warm;
wishing it was the middle of June.

Here I am inside my room;
in this old house it’s so cold.
I don't want to get out of my bed;
no modern comforts of central heat,
wooden floors as cold as concrete!

No sooner do my feet touch the ground,
I do an about face and turn back around.
Since yesterday it was nice and warm;
forgetting I didn't dress for the occasion
I dove back into the bed I came from.

Ahh, back inside my layers I abide,
an unfruitful event of a feeble attempt;
foolishly getting out of bed too soon,
my body holding my mind in contempt;
wishing all the more so for the month of June.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Acrimonious Existence

My days, these desperate times;
the hopelessness hangs heavy -
it haunts me leaving me drained
and it seems I can't escape.

Glimmers of hope though faint
exist though only as a fine mist;
they being too far in between
as they dissipate in this wickedness.

And things are just getting worse;
we want to believe otherwise
but just can’t ignore the obvious
and it just makes me feel helpless.

Technology brings the world closer
connecting us in a personal way;
but yet we are getting further away;
love for our fellow humans lacking.

I know where this is all leading to;
it hurts knowing people won’t change -
the majority in fact could care less
as long it doesn’t affect them personally.

And I sink down into my very soul
seeing this whole world dying;
the earth given into our hands
and yet we are failing miserably.

So here I go putting on a brave face
pulling myself up by my bootstraps;
to live another day in “paradise”
not knowing what to expect – and hope I survive.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Friday, August 9, 2013

Section (I Plotted but Failed)

For most, people want a piece of land;
to them this is the dream of every man.
With blood, sweat, and tears doing all they can
hoping to acquire it so they can rest in the end.

In life it’s viewed as a wise investment
hoping it becomes their final settlement;
even though in life nothing is truly definite;
except for death, this for all of us is imminent.

Sections of land all for me to choose;
just look at them, they’re such beautiful views.
With their smooth talk they make it hard to refuse
but unfortunate for them I have an excuse.

I don’t have a great job or the best credit;
no matter how hard I tried I could never get it.
It seems it was the hand I was dealt with
though I’m leaving with nothing I’m not dejected.

The reason is I don’t have very long to live
and the money I have left I didn’t want to give.
No plot of land, but its okay I have another motive;
its cremation for me and a wooden urn that’s attractive.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Favorite Flavor

As thousands of flavors abound,
one in particular I've found
when I tasted it for the very first time;
realized this flavor is one of a kind.
One I knew that somewhere existed
and I'm so glad that I persisted;
I just love the way it excites my senses.
It relaxes me as I let down my defenses
and realize the taste is just so fulfilling
I’ve never found another so thrilling.
In the palette of life I've found my flavor,
my dedication to it will never waiver;
you all might think over time it will fade
but to me this is the best flavor ever made;
now no other flavor for me will do and
so glad that my favorite flavor I love is you.

Copyright by NewLife2008


say they want peace;
but no one can agree.
Their freedom is what makes them slaves…

Copyright by NewLife2008

Dance, dance, dance

Dance, dance unreachable light
way up in the dark skylight.
Sparkling crystal ballerinas
pirouetting out in heavens arena.
Parading across the earth’s orbit as
we dream beneath the space in between.

Dance, dance natures bouquet
as winds’ hand takes you away.
A cornucopia of vibrant colors,
across the landscape you shower
us with fanciful fragrant aromas;
so approachable is your persona.

Dance, dance up in the azure sky
with wispy white eyelash surprise,
variation of shapes with each glance;
imagination colliding with circumstance.
Covering us with shade or showering rain
and dancing snowflakes that hit my window pane.

Dance, dance my beautiful matrimonial maid;
in intricate flowing gown and white sheer overlay.
Today is your special day and it’s finally come;
now as husband and wife we've become one.
It’s time to share the first dance together;
growing to treasure each other’s love forever.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Friday, July 26, 2013

Unconscious Influence

I realize what a mess I've made of my life;
the reasons why I could never keep a wife;
it was something back then I couldn't see.
I wasn't able to be the man I needed to be;
I wish there was someway or somehow
I could have realized then what I know now.

Bad choices only make painful consequence;
learning the hard way doesn't make any sense
yet here I sit all alone wishing I still had you.
I thought by now I would know what to do;
without you in this whole world it feels colder,
I’m getting old; this life of mine is getting older.

I wish I could wipe this slate clean and start afresh
but second chances only made me second guess.
I’m doing what I need to but I'm not ready yet;
my conscience knows my life needs to pay its debt.
I realize that now and it’s fully understood
that If I could have changed my past I would.

Though this time I did my best it just wouldn’t be,
twelve years went by but not without more tragedy;
another love in my life gone and this one cut like a knife -
my only daughter left me because she wanted another life,
because of my situation it becomes a heavy realization
that a motherless foundation caused my daughters devastation.

Of burdensome heart and broken spirit my life has become;
now realizing the true consequence of all the things I've done.
Truly at the lowest point; my life has finally come full circle.
I clearly see how my actions have produced all that is hurtful;
a domino effect that touched each and every life including mine
all because of the boy in me this man couldn't leave behind.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hurtful Desires

In the deepest darkest secrets sin resides;
posturing for dominance in the heart it hides
as it ignores reasoning for its justification;
wanton lust behind an obvious aberration.

Late hours in front of a glowing screen
looking at disgusting acts of the obscene;
over time the standard views looses its luster;
needing more disgusting acts to cut the mustard.

In the mind the seed in now firmly planted,
wishing now if only now an act can be granted;
he goes out to find someone who’ll willing comply
since these unnatural feelings can no longer be denied.

Out roaming in dark smoked filled nightclubs
angered that even with the inebriated he’s snubbed;
goes back home to think of how to exact his revenge
since hurtful desires from his very mind now hinge.

Riding around slowing in the morning school hours
trying to find unwitting ones as the block he scourers;
friendly banter and smooth talk his mode of operation;
slowly building trust of the innocent is his determination.

Now having one in his grasp the kindness instantly disappears;
using threatening words and intimidation his motive is clear.
But an ensuing struggle permits a chance for her escape
fortunately ending an act that would have ended in a rape.

Time passes and now his eyes covet a married man’s wife;
not satisfied with his, he wants what he has in his own life.
His sexual appetite a rage he can no longer keep to his own;
justifying like others he feels his conduct is one to condone.

No one ever had a clue since he hid his sickness so well
that after all these years not even his wife could tell.
But it festered like a an uncleanness that can’t be wiped away
and since he did not restrain it; it kept growing everyday.

Trying to find a way to her he undermines the good of her man;
seeing what unhappiness in her he can try to command.
Day by day he can see her walls finally collapsing within;
at last he can finally begin with what will be her final end.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Apologize

Didn’t know what I exactly said to offend;
not making an excuse or trying to defend,
all I wanted to be was a true friend
but I guess the wound was too deep to mend.

Not that I didn't try, because I did;
I know in the end it’s up to you to forgive
but sometimes you keep your feelings under a lid;
and that’s just no way to live.

Friendship is supposed to be a two-way street;
where both learn to give and take;
truth and honesty can at times be bittersweet
but only then can a real friendship make.

Never knew that I hurt your pride;
please don't keep those hard feelings inside
all it will do is eat you up alive;
love and forgiveness is what we need to survive.

Deep down inside I keep a positive view;
I’m truly sorry that I ever hurt you
but if we both keep our faith until the end;
in time I know we'll become friends again.

 Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Delicate Existence

In the delicate folds of her skin
sun spots and freckles paint her canvas;
exasperated by the free radicals afloat
trying to minimize the damage within.
Her temples pulsate from reflection,
her eyes as piercing as ever,
filled with contemplation and hope;
her sights set in a new direction.

Timeless beauty bounded up in the folds of time,
unraveled strands making up the years
from the unadulterated innocent beginnings.
Playful glee without worried strife
coming to a halt no longer sublime;
filling up with worried stressful tears
burdened by her complicated life;
adolescence never quite realized.

And it all falls on her like a weight;
for a ten year old it doesn’t seem fair.
No time to reflect she hides behind a veil,
she doesn’t have time, too much to care for;
though she can breathe she’s drowning for air.
Inside she loves but logic keeps her torn;
so she clings to hope since she still believes
knowing this isn't the way it’s supposed to be.

Years later and now on her own
her contemplation and hope have grown;
Despite success and failures along the way
the only way to minimize the impact is resolution;
it works for some memories, but others still remain;
knowing some pains no one can take away.
Overcome by madness is an unfortunate solution;
sadly some things will never be the same.

She is better now and wiser from it
as some things you just have to let go;
making amends and moving on is requisite
what the future holds no one ever knows.
Uncharted horizons before her awaits
though she is more guarded now,
she finally realizes what her life means;
gathering herself as her life slowly reconvenes.

Happiness is only a moment away;
deliberate her steps as if on a high-wire
fighting off treacherous thoughts everyday.
To rise above it all is what she aspires;
slowly but surely she will come to attain
those around her who will nurture.
She is now secure in securing her future;
knowing she'll never have to deal with the pain.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lover's Plea

Please regard me my love;
I languish from confinement;
your nectar I crave
and I must be replenished.

Weakened, I need sustenance,
for with you is my life
and without I would expire;
I reckon on your mercy.

Your embrace is love itself
as it preserves me alive;
relevant and warm,
in kindness you lift me.

No longer can I resist;
at last we consummate.
Deeming it paramount;
your full lips I imbibe.

From kisses reawaken,
my faith is strengthened.
Thankful for your reply to
this lover’s plea you didn't deny.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Friday, July 12, 2013

How Mother's Love Fed Us

There she stood, I remember like it was yesterday;
my mother there in the hot kitchen just cooking away.
I see her with the utensils and ingredients neatly laid
showing how much she loved us in the meals she made.
The molcajete and pear pestle inside; with warm water
she'd pour I thought made the chilies and tomatoes hotter;
fresh pequins and serranos crushed by the ball in her hand
ground to a fine paste that made a sauce only dad could stand.
Every movement with precision and such tender care it
was like poetry in motion as the aromas filled the air.
Piquant spices like garlic, oregano, and comino in amounts
only she knew, never measuring the spices in the food she threw.

As a small child I was in awe how she did it so flawlessly
yet she not too involved that she couldn't watch us cautiously;
making sure our curiosity didn't invite an accident to happen.
On the hot stove there she placed the comal that in time radiated heat
anticipating for fresh homemade tortillas we couldn't wait to eat.
It was amazing how she had a sense of awareness and balance;
an unswerving determination to make what came to be perfection
simply oozed exquisite tastes and complex arrangement having
our undivided attention as we waited for our time with anticipation.

Unselfish countenance it was unspoken as she didn't think twice
it just was the way it was as my father ate first and we came after
him making sure we had our fill and only then would she sit still.
This went on for years until she taught us her skills but at times we
would refuse as teens not seeing the importance of her culinary wisdom
with what became our favorite meals thinking now if we had only listened.
Those fond memories of our mother and how she operated in the kitchen
with food so unforgettable that after all these years we still talk about it
Those days are gone, those aromatic smells and wonderful tastes have
all but disappeared; but despite the fact we no longer have her here
the memory of my mother and her food we’ll indelibly hold dear.

Copyright NewLife2008

Thursday, July 11, 2013

In a Blink of an Eye

It all happened in a blink of an eye
even though you didn't know I was there;
in time you would shower me with love and care;
a miracle created from love growing inside.

Though you didn't know what I was going to be,
it was determined all along from both your genes;
from the color of my eyes to my personality traits;
from one world to another my arrival you'd anticipate.

Delicate and intricate, a marvel of creation;
needing all the warmth, love and attention;
to grow between us an unbreakable bond
that would carry me through my early life and years beyond.

From my first steps to the first words I ever uttered;
the first few years so precious to my development;
being there for me, in my time of need, keeping me content;
molding me, shaping me, and teaching me of things that mattered.

Some things to me as a child went by as a blur;
most things I don’t remember, but others I recall;
like spending time in the hospital with the nurse at my beckon call;
being sick with tuberculosis and hoping the doctor would cure.

Did things of foolishness as a young boy inclined;
saying a bad word without hesitation like a stupid dope
as my brothers ran off to tell mother leaving me behind;
getting spanked and my mouth washed thoroughly with soap.

But most of all I remember how you showered me with love and care;
teaching me godly things and helping me have a godly fear;
to hug me when sad, spank me when bad, and comfort me through tears;
never leaving me in my time of need; always being there.

Now the time has come for me to return the favor;
to help you in your time of need is my enjoyable labor.
Showing you the honor with a love that will never die;
forever thankful brought into this world in a blink of an eye.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Bug's Life

Through a pixelated world I see
all these pixels make my world blurry;
the resolution isn't resolute,
no particular way is absolute,
so I react instinctively without hesitation;
it’s either exist or obliteration.

Heat, wind, or vibration,
even the slightest variation
keeps my senses keenly aware;
helping prolonging my existence here
as I try to fulfill this life cycle;
perpetuating future generations before I go.

Thousand of millions of us in existence;
higher beings viewing us with indifference
until they deem us a nuisance with contempt.
To rid us of our place they seem so determined,
insignificant they view us and hence;
not thinking of the underlying consequence.

Beautiful flowers in need of pollination,
designed to aid in their fruits population.
The earth’s ground to which we are designated;
to cleanse the soil and subsequently aerate it,
the chemicals you impose leave us no recourse;
you kill the problem but then kill the resource.

It’s bad enough we live a meager expectancy
with others feasting on us by mere supremacy;
beings seeing us as a scourge by way of disease
yet destroying our lives and theirs as they please.
We didn't invade and take over their land;
no, that distinction belongs all to man.

Now the ecosystem is way out of balance;
it’s so messed up I don’t know if I have a chance.
They realize our micro cosmos affects everyone and
I hope it’s not too late to undo the damage they've done;
destined it seems to live my existence filled with strife;
such is the case when living a bug’s life.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Canvas of Life

The canvas of my life has been painted,
the colors I have chosen and now
I can see what has become of me.
With a splash of black on canvas white
my life was filled with darkest nights;
sometimes also a shade of grey clouding
my thoughts between wrong and right.
Throughout the years came many moments;
some sadly were a blur in the stream of time;
while others stood out in my mind with
soft soothing colors making them sublime
and those moments I've certainly cherished.
I can say unequivocally that I've enjoyed
these moments of colorful dancing beams
with merriment and nostalgia as they’ve
cascaded across this canvas of what is my life.
It’s shaped me into what I now am
and I can say there have been regrets
but there are things that I can’t forget.
I realize that life passes us by too soon
and then in the twilight of our years
moments are all that we have left.
My canvas of colors in time will fade away
and though some colors were left to chance
all in all I can say that I've enjoyed this dance.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mother's Nature

In a tempestuous rage she unveiled her wares
tempting the foolish to advanced; she dared.
Potent, boiling and churning her very essence;
nature unable to contain her overpowering presence
as she struck the terra firma the opposing elements collide
while the winds played and danced into a crescendos’ tide.
Reverberating across the distant land it ached in delight
as the air crackled, the asphalt burned from her blazing light.
An astral vision captured in time in the distant there she lies
for only a brief moment as she disappeared from our eyes.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Only in Memories

Touching your cheek on this screen
it’s all I have left of you it seems;
I'm losing my mind wondering why
you felt you had to leave and say goodbye.

Somewhere you float like a ship lost at sea;
torn from your moors so you could be free.
Your freedom though comes at a consequence;
painfully not realizing it was at an expense.

You I thought I would never lose,
but what lured you was hard to refuse.
Regardless of your choice I love you still and
pray you come back but probably never will.

Every day this pain I try to hide
so people can't see what’s inside;
all the memories I keep of you;
it seems there is nothing more I can do.

I tried and gave it my very best
yet you only made me second guess.
If you could have of only realized
how much I truly sacrificed.

I hope you find yourself one day;
it seems you're throwing your life all away,
so many things you could have done;
those chances for you have come and gone.

As my touch on this screen lingers across,
I imaginarily wishing to feel what I’ve lost.
My love for you will never relinquish it seems;
For I see you every time when I dream.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Last One

The last one to ever catch your eye,
The last one to know the inner you,
The last one to make you laugh until you cry;
The last one who falls in love with you.

The last one to whisper in your ear,
The last one to kiss on your neck,
The last one to run my fingers through your hair;
The last one to touch the middle of your back.

The last one to wipe away your tears,
The last one to smell your soft skin,
The last one to ease your fears;
The last to have as your best friend.

The last one I dream of at night,
The last one I want to miss,
The last one that I hold tight;
The last one that I want to kiss.

The last one whose face I see when the sun arises,
The last one to fulfill all your dreams,
The last to see your face light up when I bring her surprises;

I want to be the last of your everything.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Twisted Life

So you've been known to dance and sing;
you're so good at this popularity thing.
Men in your life come and go and
all your business everyone knows,
try as you may the spotlight you can’t escape
and you make it worse by the choices you make.
Exposing yourself and you don’t blink an eye;
get in your way and you lash out like you’re crazed.
You're questioned as a mother and you wonder why,
weeks later and you say it’s nothing but a faze;
needing help the courts have your father intervene
and to your fans you can do no wrong it seems.

It’s a twisted mangled mess;
too late to turn back.
No longer can you second guess,
the man is dead and gone - look what you've done;
you talk about your pain
but you aren't the only on.
You can simply walk away,
no true consequence for you.
You're guilty of the crime
but you're not going to do the time;
because you're name is up in lights
and everyone loves you, right?

Blood splattered, flesh is torn,
what were lives are no more.
Up until now no one really knew
but underneath somewhere laid the truth.
People’s lives will never be the same
your rendezvous is no longer a game;
you tried your best to keep it concealed
but everything eventually is revealed.
In a rage she finally came undone
and unfortunate for you she has a gun;
but you say you can't stay and she can't let you go;
now you're both dead and everyone knows.

One of the greatest entertainers of our day;
at least that’s what many people say.
Though they didn't know the real you or
of all the things you did and went through,
what was perceived and what was real.
Keeping little boys and animals inside your gates
where you lived in your Neverland estate;
regardless the masses loved you still.
Now the gloved one is all but gone;
to give their respects they came in throngs;
your kids and family left behind;
in death, peace you finally find.

Another incident, but sadly not unique,
to all its very transparently clear;
the more money you have the louder it speaks
to the point it’s so loud they no longer hear.
Too much power and fame,
yes, too much of everything
until they're no longer themselves.
Believing they're invincible is their demise;
cordial and smiles but inside its all lies.
What’s really inside no one can tell
until the pressure builds up and the dam breaks;
and in the end it never bodes well.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Ha! Yeah, Right

Untitled that’s what you are;
it seems you aren't that clever,
using excuses won't get you far
no use in you saying “whatever”.

This poem here isn't making any sense;
thought you could write something better
so don't try to make up a defense;
this is nothing but a wasted letter.

Ha, and you call yourself a poet
a dimwit could tell that you aren’t;
it doesn't take a genius to know it;
you're so lost you need a search warrant.

No worries about being plagiarized,
no one wants to copy your mess;
all you do with your poems is terrorize
and they don't even have to second guess.

So just end this while you're still behind;
I have no idea what you're going to call this
but while I'm at it here is a piece of my mind;
throw it away; it’s not like you're going to win a contest.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Document, that’s all that’s left of you;
from all these papers I've gone through.
You're no longer here, you're just a date
and what’s left of you I can't escape.
A painful reminder of all that I knew
finalized in raised emblem signed in blue;
with the final description typed within them
telling me what supposedly happened to you.
But what they say don't make me no mind
because that’s not what I carry with me;
just smiles and happy times of what used to be.

Document makes it hard to deny the truth;
It seems I can't accept that you've gone away
but what they give me show me proof
that you're no longer with me here today.
I'm no fool but I keep on holding to the past
remembering all that you mean to me;
no matter how hard I try the years go by too fast
and I’m afraid that you'll end up a distant memory.
But every time I pull out my box of documents
I see the brown envelope behind a certain manila tab
and it leaves my heart heavy and my soul so sad.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear;
so watch out and keep looking to your rear;
it only takes a second to realize that
this the message is not a guise.
When changing to another lane,
it becomes a shock to your brain
when people’s horns start blaring
and at the top of their lungs they’re swearing
like it was something that you did;
but really, who are they trying to kid?
They speed like it’s the Autobahn;
except here in America, we don't have one.
But you can't tell by the way people drive;
it’s a miracle that you're alive and
now it’s a personal vendetta.
Look out because they're coming to get'cha,
out of their way, or you'll regret it;
this is their road and it has their name on it.
With their unmitigated audacity, it seems
their brains don't have the capacity;
they think it’s everyone’s fault except theirs.
Reasoning with them is like splitting hairs;
it’s better to just give them the right away
than resist and they end up ruining your day.
It just comes to bite you back in the end;
with people like them you can never win.
So the next time you gaze in the side view mirror
realize there is always a loose one in the area;
don't fool yourself into thinking
just because your signal light is blinking
and the distance between you and them seems a ways;
just let them pass, and believe what the mirror says.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Monday, July 1, 2013

Rainy Days

Rainy days are made for lying around,
looking out the window upside down;
while the gray sky rumbles and aches;
no choice for me other than to partake.

Rainy days sometimes accompany the usual;
coming down in the presence of funerals;
it helps hide the tears we shed
when paying our respects to the dead.

Rainy days are for rambunctious ones;
adorning raincoats and galoshes and off they run,
splashing and playing until the rain relents,
mother calling them in; their energy spent.

Rainy days are for those in love;
walking in it as it falls softly from above;
romantic conversation and longing glances,
the perfect ingredients of what romance is.

Rainy days are for supplying life;
making the earth in all of its phases rife.
Quenching the ground and cleaning the air;
for without it life itself wouldn't exist here.

Rainy days are essential for everything,
regardless of the slight inconvenience it brings;
greeting us with a lovely reminder here down below;
with the creator’s promise that of a rainbow.

Copyright by NewLife2008

P. S.

P. S. – I love you.
For all the things you've done;
and yet to do,
I feel oh so pretty;
and it’s all because of you.
Inside and out;
improvements without a doubt,
so please accept my gratitude.

P. S. – I depend on you.
You make me feel young again,
I’m like putty in your hands.
You know exactly what to do.
so precise every time we meet;
every time you do it so well,
yet you make it so discreet;
no one could ever tell.

P. S. – Until the day I die.
One thing is for sure;
you will be the only cure.
No matter how old I get, I still feel spry;
though inside I'm wasting away,
I feel younger and younger each day.
Besides, everyone keeps telling me so;
you fill me up with an inner glow.

P. S. – I must confess,
here on my deathbed as I lie;
mortality caught up to me I guess.
No matter how hard I try;
plastic surgery wasn't a cure for all.
What? P. S. – Postscript is what you thought?
How else did you think I was able to impress ya’ll;
you guessed it – with all the plastic surgery I bought.

Copyright by NewLife2008


Twisted, writhing convoluted,
the pain inside my soul
confusing my brain.
I’m lying on the floor
like a junkie who needs more,
needing something to make it end;
I wish this pain would dissipate.

Something so inconsequential
or so I thought;
it’s telling me otherwise,
the pain catching me by surprise,
I’m just a slave to its cravings
every time it changes me;
someone help me, my soul needs saving.

It dominates my every thought
I can't think of nothing else;
for hours and hours at a time
I’m at its mercy; for which I hate.
This life is no longer mine;
craving the darkness I need to be by myself;
cold and damp into the abyss I gravitate.

I drift off into the space of unconsciousness
not knowing what day or time it is;
at long last my body is at peace
as the pain and convulsions finally leave.
My body is worn out from another episode;
at long last I’m given a reprieve;
I want this to just stop, please.

Not in control of the things inside;
I thought I was strong enough to resist
but when it comes I have nowhere to hide.
I’m so tired of living like this;
my hope is strong, eternal it flows
as I cope with this everyday my resolve grows;
Twisted I may be but one day this will end I know.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Where My Torment Lies

Down deep in dungeons where the unknown lies
I've gone to seek what torments my body and mind.
It curses me from the depths as I hear its cries
in a labyrinth of darkness I try to seek and find
and destroy this creature that curses my very life.

A stranger to it I'm not as it knows me as well;
my weapons are ready and my courage is strong
it has a thirst for my blood and me it can smell.
But I will not rest until this creature is gone
and I've freed myself from this tortuous hell.

Down into the dungeon I proceed with reckless abandon
making my way through the labyrinth it knows I approach;
angered by my presence as it hears my feet landing
into it’s no longer solitary abode that I've encroached;
both of us on collision course we are destined to fulfill.

With a torch in my hand the beast makes clear of its location
as it pounds the concrete approaching at a fever pitch pace;
waiting to intercept him I eagerly await our confrontation.
Finally coming from around the bend we are face to face;
nothing need be said as we both know we have a need to kill.

What becomes a fierce battle that goes on throughout the night
back and forth we go trying to smite each other with deadly blows;
what seems like a standoff though both fighting with all our might
to the creature’s demise I'm aware of something that it doesn’t know;
as I await the perfect moment to unleash my cunning defense.

Its anger has become its undoing since too blind with rage,
I now have the upper hand as I cut it down where it stands.
Keeping my wits I perfectly pierce it with my poisonous blade;
into its heart the poison takes immediate effect and like grains of sand
it crumbles to the ground leaving me victorious once again.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Complete Faith

Faith in believing in the things unseen
solidifying our beliefs without a doubt.
What is promised will always come true;
while in the present we are willing to live without
knowing in the end it that it will all come about.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Friday, June 28, 2013

Dog Gone Love

In my life I’ve not yet quite found love;
my heart is like dry parched desert land
waiting for copious showers from up above;
to germinate the seed that lies dormant below.
For years without love it seems I’m a forsaken man;
reciprocating loneliness is the only thing I know.

Between the lines of love and like is where I lie
when I hear the last words I’ve never liked;
saying you're nice and so unique
but not enough to me for it to be you.
It seems I'm always the other guy;
that’s good enough to befriend but not to keep.

The window of opportunity has shut on me again,
the moment has passed and I can no longer get in.
So it seems I'm right back to square one and
I'm beginning to believe that it’s nothing I've done;
since I've exhausted every avenue; I realize it
has nothing to do with me but all with you.

You could explain it but it wouldn’t change the intricacies;
saying you wished it was something more tangible
like a cold or some type of disease so you could
have a prescription filled out at the pharmacy;
instead of standing here making apologies and
making yourself believe you're letting me down easy.

But let me down is all you've done;
once again I realize I'm not the one.
If I was some kind of cuddly animal to be by your side
and “messed” up the relationship I'd just go and hide;
scold me okay, but then after it’s all said and done;
everything would be cleaned up and we'd still be one.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Deliberate Intent

Primordial dust concocted;
from loneliness prompted
someone in his likeness,
but just the direct opposite.

He was keenly cognizant
she was his other half and
now he had a perfect compliment.

Beauty, emotion, and strength
prompted poetry at length;
flesh of flesh, bone of bone
from him the first woman known.

He acknowledging the divine
to her he would be inclined, though
to a fault; it would be his demise.

But he too would be her longing
the inevitable no longer prolonging
since their purpose never materialized.

Favoring her over God was unwise;
his selfish desire to please her
would God’s wrath both incur.

Sin, sickness, and death now realized, their
offspring succumbing because of selfish desire
because of this selfish love all now expire.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Coup de Grâce

The day began with a heavy suddenness;
like dark angry clouds you could see it was
fast approaching and nothing would stop it.
I knew it was coming, but that day arrived with
a vengeance and it was nothing I could have
of imagined in the wildest of my dreams.

For most it was the worst thing that ever could occur
and like a trauma patient each and every person was in
shock - in unison they cried a collective gasp - it was here.
The chaotic swirling mass of humanity fell down
to their knees as they cried out in disbelief knowing
nothing would change the eventual outcome.

No more freedom, no this was not a choice for us to make
it was someone else’s and it was swift and it was harsh.
The governments were fed up with the tantrums of religion
and now they were going to punish each and every one -
chapels, synagogues, mosques, and temples - they all fell
everyone destroyed; the nations had their fill and were fed up.

No gods to help those who were so sure this never could happen
their gods were as empty as their places of worship - no reply.
Government had washed their hands of them though they were
 just as guilty being bedfellows; but devoured them completely.
Humanities cries went unheard, religion’s power was gone forever.
Yes, no vestige was to be found for they were completely annihilated.

With the advent of social media the news of this had it’s effect on
the world of commerce; like a set of standing dominoes back to
back, in one day every world’s stock market came crashing down.
No more big corporations; no more banks, no more small business,
no more 401 K. No more separation, no more distinction, no more
have and have not’s; now everyone was on similar and equal ground.

In the chaotic aftermath riots abounded, marital law was ordered;
those who didn’t comply were eradicated, terrible as it may seem that
whole families suffered the consequences –  but they were defiant and
not a one was spared – not even the innocent children. That was the tragic part.
Months passed before the government had the masses in control and to where no
evidence from the stain of massacres that had occurred on the streets was found.

Finally the leaders of the governments came out of their fortified walls
to tell with a sarcastic tone that they had finally achieved peace on earth.
For most of the people, they were in agreement; any rebels were quickly
dispatched. It seemed they truly got rid of all religion, but one quietly still
existed, for some reason they went unrecognized, not found on the radar
of humanity until someone exposed them – and now the attention turns to them.

Have I piqued your attention? Do you want to know what eventually
happens to this unimposing, diminutive, peaceful group of people?
Well, this was something that was foretold for a long time but it has
gone unnoticed and will go unnoticed until that beginning day comes to
fruition. When that day happens it will culminate to be the worst thing that
any human has seen. The question is: in the end which side are you on?

Copyright by NewLife2008