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Friday, November 13, 2015

My Last Memory

I’m sure it was a memory, yet so vivid;
I could see myself lying there
playing with blades of grass
as I laid on the warm soft ground.

Looking up I could see my mother,
she was calling me by my name;
her lips moved but there was no sound
and then she quickly fades away.

I wake up to find myself inside a room;
all alone lying in a hospital bed my
youngest recollection as a small child
and realize that I’m not dreaming.

So young, yet I was never afraid of being
alone, nor of needle injections or horse pills.
But things don’t stay the same and now
I can’t help worrying about everything.

Especially of dying. And it hits you like
a ton of bricks when you’re at that moment,
all of your memories good and bad; all
of your relationships and your regrets.

I’m awake but blackness surrounds me;
I hear panicked voices, but I can’t see a thing.
I feel a gentle touch and soft sobbing I want
to say something but I can’t; then, it’s all over.

You hope when your gone, people cared
enough so as to go and pay their respects
but who’s to say, you’re dead and the last
memory is like a dream, one you never wake from.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wonderful Realization

Summer’s lazy days finally comes to its finality
with the coming and passing of another Labor Day;
no more holding of hands on the boardwalk
and the sound of children’s voices slowly fades
like a rising fog making the day visibly clear;
a change of another season is almost here.

Cricket and cicada sounds no longer pierce the air;
like the hot humid air they’ve all disappeared.
Annuals and perennials faces now began to droop
saddened they can no longer greet us day by day,
knowing we won’t have our morning companions to greet;
their cycle of life to live and procreate is now complete.

Another phase has been ushered in as the seasons collide;
fierce, bold, blustery winds give us no choice to decide.
Summer’s gone away and now nature takes its leave,
chlorophyll takes a reprieve as the trees began to slumber
deciduous they’ve become as palettes of colored leaves pirouette,
dancing silently in the air and falling to the ground everywhere.

Hot beverages with cocoa and pumpkin become in high demand;
people in jackets and turtle neck sweaters as love becomes grand,
fireplaces flickering at night as frost meets the morning light.
Lazy in slumber we’ve become feeling the warmth of each other
as we lay under bed covers my eyes flicker against your skin;
gradually waking up to the wonderful realization that it’s autumn again.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Monday, October 12, 2015


You’re a small sleepy town
a familiarity that soothes;
like cobbled stoned memories
you reawakened my youth,
in the windows of your soul
shines a Tuscany sunset in spring;
your contours like warm rolling hills
and a smile like sunrise’s warm morning glow.

I’m flying high here on the ground
as if I were in a hot air balloon
and if feels like no one else is around
Only you, just you are all that exists.
Sweet sounds that emanate from fruitful lips
calling me in like waves lapping the beach;
your words mesmerize me as if in a trance
so simple but touching me so deep.

Your love is like water I need to quench my thirst,
your soul like fire feeds my love that keeps burning,
your mind that continually stimulates my yearning;
I can’t refuse, nor can I refute the effects of your love.
Though imperfect the feeling is perfectly manifested
throughout the years, the sadness, anger, happiness and tears;
together we’ve painted a picture and from my view
nothing else is more beautiful than the masterpiece that’s you.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wicked Torment

In an old wooden house every night I sleep,
proclivity for rest is always fleeting
for my subconscious betrays my sensibility;
as is seems the house is alive and breathing
with creaks and bumps I hear every night.

In my bed I can’t determine its location;
is it inside the house or just inside my head?
I try to hone in on the sound as silence now abounds,
there it is; I hear it again, louder and louder it becomes,
my heart races and all of a sudden the sound stops -

Only the sound of my heart pounding remains
as I sit up sweat beads on my forehead appear;
all of a sudden my body is raked with chills and
my body won’t stop shaking as I try to keep still;
spent from exhaustion my body is terribly weak.

As I try to gather my thoughts it becomes clear
these sounds were spurned on by a nightmare;
I figure out now I was just hallucinating, the
sweat was coming from the high fever I had;
from this cruel flu that was driving me mad.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Only You

Kiss me, as I long for your touch
to me it means oh so much;
for it emboldens me to rise above
knowing that I have your love

With the back of your hand, touch my face,
stroking downward with a steady pace;
as I gaze in your eyes I don’t have to guess
the love for me you so willingly express.

Hold me close and whisper softly in my ear
and tell all the things of me you love so dear;
reiterating what I already know the truth to be
knowing I have your love makes me so happy.

It’s the little things you do that carry such weight;
the way you consider me and how you communicate
it only makes me want to reciprocate more and more
and love you for the rest of your life as no one has before.

It’s you that brings me joy when I’m feeling low,
knowing when to hold me and when to let go;
allowing me to vent when I go off on a rant or
encouraging me to carry on when I feel I can’t.

For you my heart will always be an open book,
never realizing it was you that all it took to
open up my eyes and see how love could really be
and it was you, only you that finally made me see.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Saturday, October 3, 2015

In Between My Couch Cushions

In between the cushions of my couch
I found memories of you here and there;
A piece of lint from your sweater
and the conversations we used to share.
People watching was what I did with you
as if every movement was in slow motion;
I was captured by your beauty like a Rembrandt
but now its all a fleeting memory.
Finding coins between the cushions
doesn’t ease the void I now carry,
my pockets empty as my heart, torn apart
all because of something I did or didn’t do.
So I cleaned the cushion of all the memories
I just had to; I had to vacuum them all up
like glimmers of hair between the light and dust
and buttons that probably went to your sweater.
Shaking out all the dust and memories into the trash
remembering the fondness I found that day
and remembering the pain of what I lost;  
In between the cushions of my couch.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Paper Mache

It comes down to paper-mache,
all these hurtful words you say.
These bits and pieces that you spew
did more damage than you ever knew.

All these hurtful words you say
little by little I’m torn apart;
these bits and pieces that you spew;
that you sling at me day by day.

Little by little I’m torn apart,
These bits and pieces that you spew
Ended up hardening my heart;
it comes down to paper-mache.        

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Composition for Justin

Life is all too precious as it hangs by a thread,
we do all we can to cherish those moments
and we wish we could see what lies ahead;
understanding some things is better left unspoken.
So it goes…my son was a victim of circumstance
even though he looked perfect he was damaged;
recessive genes in our DNA so rare but not rare enough.
Despite the doctors efforts he didn’t have a chance,
losing him just made the pain too much for us to manage;
though gone I love you since love was what you were made of.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Loving Hand

I remember the day you slapped me before everyone;
sixteen and like my epidermis my stupidity is showing.
Talking as they’re giving a prayer made you come undone;
my embarrassment and skin now red and glowing.
Or at the age of five I wanted to show my vocabulary prowess;
in an alley a four letter word painted on a barn I repeated,
not thinking of the consequence that was soon to unfold
as my brothers ran to tell you I suddenly felt powerless.
I felt bad but not because of the Lifebouy soap I’d eaten
but for hurting the one who loved me whole-souled.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Prison Walls

Inside these four walls the majority of my life has been,

all of my own doing and no one else to blame.

Slowly it eats at me and my hope fades from within;

realizing the cost I’ve had to pay with no freedom from this pain.

I wish I had learned then the things that I clearly know now;

age and experience it seems to be the only cruel teacher for me.

Rebellious youth and not wanting to listen is what kept me down,

now I wish and pray that one day I can be set free.

Free from the guilt and the turmoil forever stirring inside my soul,

the consequences of my actions always being a constant reminder

leaving me drained, empty and never feeling quite whole;

let me see the light to direct my steps and tear off these blinders.

If I’m ever granted the chance to praise the freedom I crave

I plead within my reasoning’s to this life of mine be saved;

protect my heart, sharpen my perceptive powers of right and wrong,

so that for only righteousness sake I become to it a slave,

making me aware of my sinful tendencies to help me resist and become strong;

to finally escape this prison from within

so I can enjoy this life and be happy again.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Monday, May 25, 2015

Postcard From the Heart

Like the rising sun steady and sure,
like a baby’s love innocent and pure,
like a fall morning crisp and clean,
I had to tell you how I feel
to let you know that this love is real.
So thankful to call you my wife;
you make a beautiful difference
to each day of my life!

I love you…

Copyright by NewLife2008

Survey Satisfaction Ha!

I went to check my email today,
Yahoo wanted me to take a survey;
I gladly obliged to their request
so I could get things off my chest;
I tell you this 360 thing is a mess!

Did our technical support do the trick?
Are you kidding, it would make a dead man sick!
All these questions from scales 1 to 10;
like this is a means to and end;
all I know it’s not working again!

I have so many poems to post;
to reveal what I think and feel
and I want 360 to be the host,
but it keeps messing up – what is the deal!?
The problems they keep having are unreal!

Asking if Yahoo answers helped any,
well I tried but to no avail;
I understand the suggestions but the problems are too many
that even a top-notch scientist couldn’t reveal;
tolling for an eternity and nothing resolved after all his years!

I will post this but it won’t show as I intended;
they ask me if I have any pearls of wisdom -
a pearl’s beginning is with an irritation;
I don’t have a pearl quite just yet
but I will if they don’t fix this situation!

Copyright by NewLife2008

Monday, May 11, 2015


Like an open book I read you as soon as I saw your tattered cover
believing you have integrity but you’re just like all the others;
while in person your face masquerades as if you’re amicable
but behind their backs your actions are nothing but despicable.
As though we don’t know how you really are; so obvious to us all
you think big of yourself, but in reality you’re nothing but small.

Diminutive in mind, short sighted and miserable
trying to shift blame; your actions make you culpable.
When it comes time for you to truly make your stand
you disappear like an ostrich sticking it’s head in the sand
oblivious that’s your excuse; you truly have no back bone
and when they need your backing you’re nothing but gone.

To err is to be human, but you take it as a personal slight
instead of responding as a professional you react out of spite;
no apology can be accepted; since forgiveness isn’t in you
keep it inside and wait until you get even, that’s what you do.
You act like you care but we know inside you don’t care one bit;
playing as if a victim and too blind to admit you’re really the culprit.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Monday, April 20, 2015

Swallowed Whole

Socializing with the whispers of discontent
bemoans what is the status quo
and despises common sense
kaleidoscope pretentiousness abounds
glittery words hanging on emptiness
foundation rooted on grains of sand
remorse inevitably rules the house

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rappers Names a Delight

Just thinking about these rap artists and their names;

what was their inspiration, what were they thinking?

It’s a part of their identity, part of their fame;

I think I’ll write something so funny it’ll have me aching.

After a hard day’s work I come home and sit in my Eazy-E;

I think I want a cool drink, uh, maybe some Ice-T.

I want it nice and cold, could you add a large Ice Cube

while I sit down to relax and watch the tube?

Well my tea isn’t sweet enough of that I’m sure;

could you be a sweetie honey and add Tupac Shakur?

My faithful companion by my side resting like a log;

I show him my approval by petting my little Snoop Dog.

All I can say is; this is the life.

The weekends are the only days to my wife that matter

so I can cut the grass and repair things with my M C Hammer.

Man, all this work she’s got me doing is just Ludacris;

I think I’ll call my buddies to help me out

because it’s the football game I don’t want to miss.

Another weekend come and gone

through with doing this and that;

tomorrow I go back to work again,

no more nagging from my spoiled little wife Da Brat.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Every Shoes' Friend

The soul of a working man’s fabric
stitched to ensure it a long life
sturdy as the day is long has
changed the fabric of a nation.

Bold and blue tried and true
available for all the masses
now has a distinction of classes
seen to the elite as a form of fashion.

Regardless, it’s a fabric all can relate to
holes, tears, dyed, and designer names,
despite all the years much hasn’t changed
blue jeans they are and blue jeans they’ll remain.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Small Town, USA

Tight knit people here aren’t quick to let you in
despite the nature calling you back again and again;
a stubborn people that’s clearly set in their ways
against a place so poetic you'd want to live your days.

Church cemeteries abound across the landscape,
born and raised here it’s a life they can’t escape,
its nostalgic surroundings appeal to my senses
but I just can’t stay in a town with false pretenses.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cause and Effect

It began with a smile as she walked by…
he couldn’t help it as she caught his eye,
as she fumbled with her things he saw
an opportunity to be a chivalrous guy;
she didn’t refuse and as they touched hands
the love chemicals stirred with gentle sighs.

It was unintended and of course they didn’t know
that with this one kind act their love would grow
deeper than any one of them could ever dream,
slowly but undeniably real; both of them could tell.
Their word actions and actions clearly told them so;
so sure they showed the whole world with matrimony.

Swirling inside a feeling unexplained,
primordial in a blink of an eye, it came.
The ingredients of a human existence
coming together from two to create one;
hair color, height, gender, personality,
the genetic concoction of life has begun.

Dividing, expanding, starting from a cell
to continue inside though no one could tell
consummated with love this husband and wife
knew that in time they would have a new life
as they would give their all to love and protect
brought on by the simple act of cause and effect.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Smaller Sound

from twelve to four
once a stylus now a light
I miss the mystique, I miss my

Copyright by NewLife2008

Empty Houses

Hidden beauties
Tickle our feet below
Become mementos to take home

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, March 19, 2015

No Light at the End of the Tunnel - My Nightmare

My head is pounding as I try to arise
but I fall back into the damp environment;
trying to gather my senses and focus my eyes
I can hear footsteps and feel an evil presence.

Chills run through my body as I can’t see a thing;
I fumble in the dark trying to find any kind of weapon
grabbing something substantial I steady my aim
and hope that this cave doesn’t become my coffin.

All the while backing up I’ve put myself in a corner
the outcome of my finality seems to be imminent;
my heart is pounding so hard from the unknown horror;
in its anger it lashes out at me with ferocious intent.

I’m sent spinning downward by its mighty blows
all of a sudden I’m greeted by a deafening roar,
wakened out of sleep I about jumped out of my clothes
because it’s my mother yelling at me to do my chores.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

No Light at the End of the Tunnel

In a maze of confusion here alone I sit;
the path of my future remains unclear
a decision I need to make but I can’t commit;
my future is not as bright as it may appear.

I fumble to try and make sense of it all
it’s like I’m reliving my tender years;
happening at the worst moments I recall
as I retreated into isolation and tears.

Though all grown up I’m still insecure,
I make the connection to when mother passed;
the pain and loss of her took years to endure
and it still comes up but thankfully it doesn’t last.

As I’ve grown old and wiser I finally realize
memories and relationships is what really matter;
broken marriages my happiness never materialized
and every choice I made seem to end up in disaster.

As I reflect some things to me are still so profound
while other things were so simple and yet so subtle;
Despite changes in my life I’ve yet to make ground
so I’ll never see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's Barely Tuesday!?

Before the dawn
I stretch and yawn;
alarm rings, I hit the snooze.

Stumble out of bed,
shake off the cobwebs;
time to pay my dues.

Weekly recurring ritual,
far from habitual
it's just what I do.

By the week's end,
can't wait for the weekend
when my work is through.

But it ends all too fast; 
why can't weekends last
as long as the weeks do?

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Entertainer

The Entertainer

I can’t feel a thing like I’m lost in time;
a hushed silence mightily abounds,
like a French street performing mime
it grabbed my attention without a sound.

Soft, floating like a whisper it came
as if in a dream, floating in the air
billions alike but none were the same;
mesmerized by their beauty I just stared.

Dancing at my feet I can’t avoid them,
they’re all around with every step I take;
reflecting in the light like diamond gems
the rainbow of winter is the snowflake.

A white movie screen is the picture I see
perfect and flawless the design of every one
a staying power on the cold ground you’ll agree
until it melts under the intense spotlight called the sun.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Loving Hands

In the early morning before the sun arises;
she gets the necessities to make sure we’re fed.
Using her small hands that labored away with love
to make the Mexican variety of our daily bread.

Freshening up she readies herself for the task at hand:
making her way to the kitchen as she’s done for years,
searching the pantry for the ingredients there she stands
and the sound of her movements is the only thing she hears.

Flour, salt, and lard in just the right amounts
as she works all the ingredients with her finger tips;
she never needs to measure or needs to recount
from years of perfecting her craft she's more than well equipped.

Stirring, mixing, then pouring the hot water little by little;
the most important aspect to ensure the right consistency.
As the ball of masa rests, it’s time to warm the griddle
and make little round balls to roll out in perfect symmetry.

Throwing a little flour on the board so the balls don’t bind
the sound of wood on wood begins and from my slumber I awake,
with each half turn she rolls out a perfect sphere every time;
slapping it between her hands the tortilla is ready to make.

Down it goes on the hot comale the tortilla begins to bubble;
as the smell permeates every nook and cranny in the house
I can’t help but jump out of bed and into the kitchen I hustle
to see my siblings also waiting for the first tortilla to come out.

With precision she grabs it with her finger tips and flips it over
patting it down as it cooks for a few seconds more; now it’s ready.
My siblings and I will have to wait, as she puts it in the tortilla warmer,
because we know the one that always gets to eat first is our Daddy.

Copyright by NewLife2008