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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cemented Dreams

The window of my soul
peak through vinyl ladders;
sunbeam dreams
keep me mesmerized
though the view
is just out of my reach.

A wistful longing, deep
from within, for what
I don’t even know;
if only the window of
my soul would open up
wouldn’t you know, it’s stuck.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Stinging Rain

I see you in my memory;
it keeps replaying over and over
and I can’t break away as I keep
coming back to that cold and rainy day.

A water crescendo falling outside of my window,
drowning out the pain I can’t hide
but not the water shed of tears that hit the floor;
all alone as I hear you slam the front door.

The wheels keep turning in my brain
wondering where exactly we went wrong;
seeing you leave in the pouring rain
realizing the love was gone all along.

Running outside in the torrential rain
like a fool hoping against all hope;
praying that you’ll look back and turn around
but inside I know I’ll never see you again.

I’m wet, cold, and chilled to the bone
I don’t want to go inside, but I can’t stay here
in the middle of the road –  but you’re not
coming back – this much is clear.

Rainy days leave me feeling melancholy;
it takes me back every now and again
when I hear the patter on my window pane,
I painfully realize I no longer have anybody.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Color Negative

Looking out among the waves of doubt,
I try to muster up optimism but
I’m swallowed up by a sea of uncertainty;
wave after wave it’s seems relentless
and it feels like I’m drowning.

It seems my joyous outlook has been broken;
never did I think I would have ever succumbed,
but I’m older now and with it creeps self doubt.
Even though wiser, this world is more unstable
and because of it, so has become my life.

Even the simple things of life seem out of my reach;
I know they’re out there but no longer seem attainable.
The sun reminds me of my past happiness and
every day I live reminds me of how far removed I am
from it and the shaky ground my life is on.

Life is so beautiful and at the same time so cruel;
I know this isn’t what life is supposed to be but if you
live long enough you will be a victor and a victim.
So if I end up with nothing at the end, despite my faith,
I know in the end I will have conquered everything.

Copyright be NewLife2008

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I'm going to love you more than anyone else,
I'm going to love you even when you're not yourself.
All your hopes and fears sweetheart we'll conquer together
don't say a thing, just lay your head on my chest;
give yourself to me and I'll take care of the rest.
You are the source of my joy, you light my fire within,
you are the life I breathe and you make me whole again.
When I'm down I'm not there for long,
because you fortify me with your gentle reasonings;
your melodious tones are like a song
soothing my soul with your soulful seasonings.
What more can I do, I just want to be your everything;
you touch me without touching me at all
affecting my very being, I'll never be the same;
you are in my heart no matter how near or how far.
So just let me say this just one more time;
I'm going to love you more than anyone else,
I'm going to love you even when you're not yourself.
All your hopes and fears we'll conquer together
don't say a thing, just lay your head on my chest;
give yourself to me and I'll take care of the rest.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sweet Addiction

You deceived me to my own detriment;
though oh such a sweet odor, I couldn't resist.
Consumed by blinded passion I'm immersed
in to feelings of euphoria waiting for my misery.

Time stands still or is it just my denial?
The former of I’m convinced until I’m betrayed
by the stinging chill of rejection that hits like a tsunami
and I’m floored as I feel the power of your rejection.

You mock me and I’m nothing but helpless
though you always lead me on thinking it will
be different; but again I agonize on why I
always let you get the best of me.

Oh the addiction that you are to me!
It seems I can’t break free from your salacious
appeal – but I can no longer indulge for you
betray me every single time – this is goodbye.

Cold turkey is my only salvation; I can’t
bring myself to indulge though thoughts
of you make me salivate – out of my life
forever and for me no more sleepless nights.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Glen Rose State Park

Glen Rose State Park.”
Glen Rose State Park?”

“Yes. Glen Rose State Park.”
“Yes!” you replied; “Let’s go!”

Off to the Texas Hill County
To see where the dinosaurs
Once roamed, 113 million years ago.

“This is a National Natural Landmark.”
I mentioned to you. “Because of their
footsteps being preserved in limestone,
sandstones and mudstones deposits.”

We went down to the riverbed
to searched for their presence
that occurred so long ago.

An impressionable young girl
you enjoyed the moment;
though lamenting the dinosaurs’ fate.

And just like those dinosaurs
our relationship unfortunately
became extinct; though the moment
forever etched in my memory.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Friday, January 27, 2017

My Integrity Not Forsaken

Injustice in this world seems to follow me
paid my dues yet it won't let me be
I must rise above this world’s violent ferocity
to a better place so I can be free.
From others trying to keep me down because they lack integrity
undoing their trust by their own duplicity
suffering comes but they won't take away my dignity.
So I pray that I don't become my own worst enemy
drown in the doubt and doubt my own abilities,
but to rise above on wings of reason and sensibility.
Preserving my sense of faith, justice, and morality
away to a life of pleasantness and synchronicity;
as waves of peace wash over me creating placidity,
victorious I've become and my reward is tranquility.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, January 26, 2017

TIme Relinquished

I’m blank and I just can’t
though I wish I could,
even when I try I can’t think;
sometimes it just happens
in a matter of a blink.
I know what I want to say
it’s at the tip of my tongue;
I can taste it though it’s faint,
they say it’s because I’m older now
but I did this even when I was young.

Oh how I wish I could
and I just might;
I need to get up
and I know I should
but it’s such a fight.
As the electronic rooster crows
it tells me what I already know;
it’s getting harder to tell
this reason for my struggle;
I’m too tired or either I can’t hear very well.

I need to, but I don’t have the strength;
extracurricular is harder than you think.
My arch enemy makes it harder each day
if I only could do what I say;
I changed my habits, but it’s not quite enough.
Take my vitamins and supplements
but this losing weight is tough;
no matter what my regiment
time is an inevitable fate;
it’s catching up and will soon overtake.

I’m reminded time and time again
with each morning that I arise;
every glance of my reflection
the lines become more defined.
Realizing I’m further away from perfection
and farther away from the prize;
how in youth we were eagerly inclined
looking forward to another year in time
but as time passes and we get closer to our end;
we realize that time is no longer our friend.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Reluctant Parting

On the warm summer ground I lie,
the azure sky is my canvas.
Memories pass through my mind
putting me in a state of calmness;
and I’ve yet to say goodbye.

In agony, my last tears flow
as warm blood seeps into the ground,
my perpetrator effortless at his craft
no time to even make a sound;
fatal was his decisive blow.

Smelling the grass as I lay on my side
because my better judgment I betrayed;
the air is crisp and clean.
Squinting from the sun’s rays
I wishing this was only a dream.

I’m left to think what could have been;
my heartbeat down to a crawl.
If I had only chosen a different path today;
there’s so much I wanted to say;
and I know exactly where I would begin:

Thank you all though I didn’t convey
the love to me you showed.
I would love to have replied;
but this you will never know since
I’ll never tell you all goodbye.

I’m fading quickly now,
only seconds before I pass.
As I heave in one last sigh,
my heart is no longer beating
and I never got to say goodbye.

Copyright by NewLife2008


In the silence of night, it arrived;
she awoke with terror in her eyes.
Certain of what approaches in the dark;
getting her family she has no time to waste.

Grabbing the kids while the sirens wail;
as the children cry uncontrollably
she makes her way to her safe place;
now all she can do is pray.

As she awaits clutching her kids
the sound of the roar is deafening,
Closer its’ approach the air pressure drops;
nothing more to do - they embrace for impact.

Holding on her children for dear life
the house is lifted from its’ foundations;
the walls crumbled where they huddled.
What seemed like forever was only seconds.

The tempest abates as rain continues to fall;
despite her broken leg she ignores the pain.
As she struggles to remove the debris;
the children sob, battered and bruise; but alive.

Left with nothing she starts all over again;
vowing they will never live in fear.
But deep down inside they’re forever changed;
looking up in the skies each time dark clouds appear.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Monday, January 16, 2017

My Son, My Heart

The distinct smell of iodoform permeates my sensory neurons
as I sit in the waiting room with my muted emotions
staring at the television I can’t emote a response to Monday Night Football -

Across the way my wife carries our son in ICU;
he doesn’t cry because he’s heavily sedated
but soon, his heart will no longer beat

because he has a terminal illness. At only
a day and a half old he will never know
what we look like or see our now sad faces.

What is worse, today is April 19th, 1993
and MNF has been replaced with David Koresh -
the TV  burns fire and smoke fills the screen -

and my eyes fill with tears – not from the smoke
but from the fire that is being extinguish in my son;
he can hear our voices and softly smiles, holding my finger.

But now he is slowly fading away…he will be
gone but not forgotten; I didn’t hold him
she did – but I will always hold him in my heart.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Angling For The Sea

Fiberglass flexibility,
at six and a half feet
it’s half a foot taller than me.
Tip top, tip, windings all secure;
guides to butt guide, top to bottom
all the eyes are aligned.

Male and female ferrule
fit like glove over fist;
make sure there’s nothing I missed.
Oh, man the handle is firm and neat;
there goes the real seat, butt cap
and hook keeper, well that’s that.

Ball bearings all are well greased;
the gears work perfectly
as the reel handle I gyrate
to adjust the drag moderately.
The bail is firm and the line spool is
full of line, now to attach the reel foot.

With the remnant of a salt smell
I gather my other equipment;
aerator, tackle, tackle box,
weights, leaders, popping corks
hooks, and a variety of lures.
Now a drive to the shore and leave behind my cares.

Copyright by NewLife2008

To be Innocent Again – What I Wouldn’t Do

One must have the mind of innocence
to love freely without prejudice
and see with eyes open wide
of what a person truly is inside.

To be free of fear and mistrust;
from which our insides start to rust
rotting away hope and light;
diminishing our souls as it fades into the night.

We must insist on being innocent;
free from the whispers of discontent
from the doubt that drapes and suffocates,
killing our hope the more it permeates.

So resist with every ounce of your being;
we‘re all the same, we want something to believe in.
Whether we make it or whether we fall,
like a child we’ll eventually heal from the scars.

Those childlike qualities is what’s missing,
look deep inside; they’re in each one of you.
Remember what it was to live and love without hate?
It’s the only thing that will save us from our fate.

Never give up believing in humanity
because humans are you, them and me;
embrace others no matter race, creed or color
we are all children of God; sisters and brothers.

Copyright by NewLife2008