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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Too Late for Me

Momma always said not to look into the eyes of the sun;
not only did she tell me but she even lovely explained
but I never really paid any attention to that phrase even when young
it was like a whole bunch of coins of words just being exchanged.

I thought it was a mothers job to always protect their children
though I never had a visceral reaction to the counsel she gave
I knew it was necessary for me the foundation she was building
regardless of how many times she told me I always misbehaved.

As a young child I looked to her with affection and tried hard
to behave and be a son she could be proud of and lovely commend
but by the time I was a teenager everything she said I would disregard
and ended up hating her guidance as my actions I would try to defend.

I didn't want to admit the obvious but time has made it clear
I always thought I knew more than everyone else did
never taken into account my mother's wisdom of years
but the truth is it was something I never wanted to hear.

Fueled by foolishness and rebelliousness I couldn't resist
headfirst into the unwise and not having a lick of sense
I would disregard all reasonableness and continued to persist
never thinking how my life would end and at what expense.

In a sad realization my life is nearly at it's end at forty
lying here on life support and barely hanging by a thread;
I wish now that I hadn't been so stubborn and haughty
but had of listened and took to heart all of what momma said.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Just Coffee Please

Like a childhood memory; the aroma brings me back,
it's full bodied smell filling my senses;
beckoning me like the warm morning sun.
It possesses a comfortableness and a familiarity
like a treasured friend I look forward to seeing;
warm and inviting it never seems to disappoint,
partaking the moment my morning day has begun.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Swimmingly Good

In the early hours I stand in solitude, but I'm not alone;
as the silence calls me nature presents itself as an offering
and I cannot resist as I ready my rod and reel with a reply.

With deftly skill and weathered hands I aim my line with
hope and intention that excites and relaxes me at the same time
knowing regardless the outcome I have become one with nature.

The salt sea air rushes through my nasal cavity and the wind
gently laps my face as I stare intently on my line as I put my
forefinger on the line to make sure I feel every nuance in the water.

Suddenly the line becomes taunt and I reply with a swift motion
now in battle with an unseen creature but by it's pull and reaction
can tell I have a fish that I will treasure on my pallet and in my gullet.

The battle doesn't last long as I manipulate it closer and closer to me
landing the fish that I will savor later tonight with it's succulent flesh
in butter, garlic, olive oil, and lemon, paired with a nice white wine.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Living Dream

Visions of you linger in my head like a lazy afternoon
while I lie on the cool grass under an abundant shady tree,
these pleasant thoughts of you drift by like runaway balloons
and I feel the rays of warmth that you cause inside of me.

The flowers aroma reminds me of your distinctive scent
and the summers breeze like the delicate touch of your hands;
remembering your smell and your touch I'm eager to relent
to your soft whispers and obsequious to your demands.

Your silhouette I envision as I drift off into a state of bliss
finding every curve and nuance of you aesthetically pleasing
and your lips are like oxygen that I take in with every kiss
giving me life for without you I would have no reason.

I'm easily intoxicated by the very sight of your existence
a conscious realization that has awaken my very being;
as I come to and sit up I see you approaching in the distance
and so glad that you're mine and I'm no longer dreaming.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Portrait in Futility

Within the belly of a
barren soul hopelessness has settled in
and my bones have no pleasure;
I am tired.

My body has one craving
but happiness I can't seem to attain;
there's something wrong with my brain
and it won't change.

Fill me up with medicine
but it's only a band-aid to my pain
as seasons of loneliness
for me remain.

I've tried to be happy since
I was young; but it has eluded me.
Like chasing after the wind;
I can't catch it.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2014



On a cloudless night one day in June
I tried to entice a dare from the moon;
to see if he would commit an act of truancy
and spend a few hours with me in lunacy.

He said; "But I have many things that depend upon me,
what about the plants, the stars, and the waves of the sea?"
"I can only stay up a few hours tonight anyway;"
I replied, "can you please come down here and play?"

With a gleeful squeal the moon willingly complied
and quickly came down to earth to play by my side.
We first danced on the grass in circles like jubilant doe
and then rolled down the hill by the country chateau.

Like a puppy everywhere I went he eagerly pursued
and said, "This is something that I always wanted to do;
I'm just so happy that someone finally asked me
and want you to know a friend to you I'll always be."

Next he asked me if I had a wagon to pull him along,
I told him, "I have a wheel barrel but I'm not that strong"
"Don't worry", he said; "I hang upon nothing here in the sky,
I'll make myself as light as a feather, just give it a try."

He was right and as I pushed him along the countryside
he lit up our path as we laughed out in sheer delight.
Continuing to push him in the barrel he bounced along
as if landing on every word that you'd follow in a song.

While playing the animals stared out of amazement
as they'd never seen the moon ever act so brazen;
he didn't notice being too caught up in the moment
and I didn't realize my allotted time was already spent.

The moon told me he had to return to his rightful place
and thanked me for the time we spent as we embraced.
I'll always remember that cloudless night one day in June
of all the crazy moments I got to spend with the moon.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The State my Heart is In

Left a state but in the same state of mind
it seems we're being punished for our good deed too.
The present is my past I can't leave behind 
and the harder I try the more I'm reminded of you.

You're gone from my sight but in my mind you stay;
I'm reminded when seeing a little one holding their parent's hand.
Though no longer with us for you I always pray
since I know you find it just as hard to understand. 

I don't think we'll ever know why they took you away;
we complied with every request but it still wasn't good enough.
Every word that comes out of their mouth I don't believe anyway
and not knowing the truth just makes it that more tough.

Torn away from us and they tell us it's for the best
all the promises they made to us concerning you
never transpired and died with our hope the day you left
not caring at all of what they're putting you through.

Words are just words when it comes from the state
they say they care, yet they're taking you from your grandparents
not even caring about the time, effort, and care is what I really hate;
saying they want the best for you but their feelings are so transparent.

Time has gone by and getting information is only in generalities
saying you're adjusting so well and so happy where you're at
never giving us any details and speaking to us only in formalities;
it's their job and it's a job they do well and that's all I'll say about that.

My grandson I hope one day you know how we really feel;
and come across this poem that I put out on the internet highway 
read it please, and take it to heart, because our love for you is real
and I hope when you're old enough you'll come back to us someday.

Copyright by NewLife2008


The night blackness caresses my very being;
blankly staring into the nothingness I'm seeing
a kaleidoscope of colors flash before my eyes
and it seems as if I'm wide awake dreaming.

The sounds in my head echo as if in a canyon
bouncing off the walls of my mind with reckless abandon,
reverberating endlessly with its winsome cries;
provides the only solace I share with my nightly companion.

My bustling mind is on spin cycle but it's not extracting;
it's always full of thoughts and constantly overactive.
Subtly I try to coax it to unwittingly compromise;
singing its praises so that I can distract it.

The lullaby rocks my consciousness like a baby;
finally the lids of my eyes are becoming lazy.
My body quietly succumbs though I don't realize
as sleep hushes my thoughts and finally saves me.

Copyright by NewLife2008