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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tilted Memory

Within these four corners steady is your stance;
the angled stare showing you in your past
reminding of what used to be.

A conversation piece regarding memories
of your life with friends and family;
oh how you shone so brightly.

With the rest of the pictures you're neatly organized;
no longer with us but forever immortalized,
knowing you'll always be with me.

Now those days are all but gone
but your memory will live on;
touching our hearts mightily.

I dust off that frame to ensure that
no part of your face is obscured;
since there you'll always remain.

Copyright by NewLife2008


I dread seeing the morning sun arise;
another day of school I’ve come to despise.
I know what to expect when I enter the bus;
I never thought kids could be so callous.
Every day for me it begins again and
I wonder when all of this will end.

I don't understand why they're so unkind,
some of them used to be friends of mine;
Now it’s like I have no friend in the world
hitting me with fists and insults they hurl.
What have I done to be treated this way?
I wish this would stop and just all go away.

But I don't see this ending anytime soon;
school doesn't end until the 7th of June.
The bus driver averts her ears and eyes
though she hears my painful cries.
I call her name but on deaf ears it falls;
it seems I have no voice at all.

There is no safe haven for me;
I'm tormented everyday mercilessly;
even though my parents intervene
the result is nothing it seems.
Black and blue and falling into despair;
it’s making me not want to be here.

I wish I could mete out what the dole
and take back the part of me they stole,
but there is no champion for the oppressed;
I'm just becoming more and more depressed.
No longer in school I just stay in my room
with bitterness and hate I’m being consumed.

All to myself as my malice thoughts fester,
I'll make sure I'm the last one they pester.
It seems there’s only one conclusion to arrive at;
the time has come for revenge, it’s time to act.
Today in the news my name will forever be;
I'll make them sorry that ever messed with me.

Copyright by NewLife2008