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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Too Late for Me

Momma always said not to look into the eyes of the sun;
not only did she tell me but she even lovely explained
but I never really paid any attention to that phrase even when young
it was like a whole bunch of coins of words just being exchanged.

I thought it was a mothers job to always protect their children
though I never had a visceral reaction to the counsel she gave
I knew it was necessary for me the foundation she was building
regardless of how many times she told me I always misbehaved.

As a young child I looked to her with affection and tried hard
to behave and be a son she could be proud of and lovely commend
but by the time I was a teenager everything she said I would disregard
and ended up hating her guidance as my actions I would try to defend.

I didn't want to admit the obvious but time has made it clear
I always thought I knew more than everyone else did
never taken into account my mother's wisdom of years
but the truth is it was something I never wanted to hear.

Fueled by foolishness and rebelliousness I couldn't resist
headfirst into the unwise and not having a lick of sense
I would disregard all reasonableness and continued to persist
never thinking how my life would end and at what expense.

In a sad realization my life is nearly at it's end at forty
lying here on life support and barely hanging by a thread;
I wish now that I hadn't been so stubborn and haughty
but had of listened and took to heart all of what momma said.

Copyright by NewLife2008