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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rappers Names a Delight

Just thinking about these rap artists and their names;

what was their inspiration, what were they thinking?

It’s a part of their identity, part of their fame;

I think I’ll write something so funny it’ll have me aching.

After a hard day’s work I come home and sit in my Eazy-E;

I think I want a cool drink, uh, maybe some Ice-T.

I want it nice and cold, could you add a large Ice Cube

while I sit down to relax and watch the tube?

Well my tea isn’t sweet enough of that I’m sure;

could you be a sweetie honey and add Tupac Shakur?

My faithful companion by my side resting like a log;

I show him my approval by petting my little Snoop Dog.

All I can say is; this is the life.

The weekends are the only days to my wife that matter

so I can cut the grass and repair things with my M C Hammer.

Man, all this work she’s got me doing is just Ludacris;

I think I’ll call my buddies to help me out

because it’s the football game I don’t want to miss.

Another weekend come and gone

through with doing this and that;

tomorrow I go back to work again,

no more nagging from my spoiled little wife Da Brat.

Copyright by NewLife2008