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Monday, April 20, 2015

Swallowed Whole

Socializing with the whispers of discontent
bemoans what is the status quo
and despises common sense
kaleidoscope pretentiousness abounds
glittery words hanging on emptiness
foundation rooted on grains of sand
remorse inevitably rules the house

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rappers Names a Delight

Just thinking about these rap artists and their names;

what was their inspiration, what were they thinking?

It’s a part of their identity, part of their fame;

I think I’ll write something so funny it’ll have me aching.

After a hard day’s work I come home and sit in my Eazy-E;

I think I want a cool drink, uh, maybe some Ice-T.

I want it nice and cold, could you add a large Ice Cube

while I sit down to relax and watch the tube?

Well my tea isn’t sweet enough of that I’m sure;

could you be a sweetie honey and add Tupac Shakur?

My faithful companion by my side resting like a log;

I show him my approval by petting my little Snoop Dog.

All I can say is; this is the life.

The weekends are the only days to my wife that matter

so I can cut the grass and repair things with my M C Hammer.

Man, all this work she’s got me doing is just Ludacris;

I think I’ll call my buddies to help me out

because it’s the football game I don’t want to miss.

Another weekend come and gone

through with doing this and that;

tomorrow I go back to work again,

no more nagging from my spoiled little wife Da Brat.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Every Shoes' Friend

The soul of a working man’s fabric
stitched to ensure it a long life
sturdy as the day is long has
changed the fabric of a nation.

Bold and blue tried and true
available for all the masses
now has a distinction of classes
seen to the elite as a form of fashion.

Regardless, it’s a fabric all can relate to
holes, tears, dyed, and designer names,
despite all the years much hasn’t changed
blue jeans they are and blue jeans they’ll remain.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Small Town, USA

Tight knit people here aren’t quick to let you in
despite the nature calling you back again and again;
a stubborn people that’s clearly set in their ways
against a place so poetic you'd want to live your days.

Church cemeteries abound across the landscape,
born and raised here it’s a life they can’t escape,
its nostalgic surroundings appeal to my senses
but I just can’t stay in a town with false pretenses.

Copyright by NewLife2008