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Thursday, January 28, 2016


Seemingly out of the unknown
where no one could even hear
is where you’re held most dear
and where billions have grown

Multiplying with every passing second
a vast information highway so minute
computes information seemingly out of air
wrapped in the DNA that two people share

Coiled information with nothing amiss
its genetic code causing shape to appear
something so perfect it’s hard to dismiss
and something that we’ll hold so dear

Sadly most precious things are taken for granted
as they aren’t even given a second thought
full of regret their freedom has been supplanted
by a life that was nothing more than an afterthought

Abusing this life we’re given and don’t think twice
what was precious in the beginning made you come undone
turn around and abuse others so what if it’s a life
killing others and killing ourselves what have we become?

Something that came out so pure and innocent
has grown into a human being cold and corrupt
thinks so little of others becoming so arrogant
made from love but don’t know where love went

Raise each other up while pushing each other down
push and pull, back and forth and can’t find a way
with every breath we take it seems the more we drown
doomed to fail we can’t break away from what we are in our DNA

Copyright by NewLife2008

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Our Love

I see the veins in your hands
blue in color, soft like a whisper
as I hold your hands in mine;
your cuticles I feel in my grasp
and the warmth makes me whole

I see the freckles that light your face
as I look into your eyes I smile;
turning into the wrinkles of happiness
finding love within this special place
encompassed within the space of our souls

Spinning around my mind is a scent of your potion
it moves all inside me and gives my life motion
I’ve got it together but when I’m with you
I come undone and you make me feel childlike
I see our future in your eyes and I’m satisfied

Nothing feels better than you next to me
the rain is wetter and the sun’s rays brighter
the cold is like sadness the heat is like madness
these feelings I hold so much fuller life can be
since I know I’ll always have you around.

You’ve touched me like some unknown miracle
I can’t express what you’ve helped me become
a feeling unsaid but you can feel my emotions
it’s something we both feel no need to explain
love coursing through our veins as we are one.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wasted Intentions

Postcards on the edge of intentions
sitting on my night stand ready to send,
written words on pressed cardboard
their envelopes waiting to be sealed;
time goes by and so does another year
I’ve ignored their pleas as they just sit there.

Copyright by NewLife2008


The blurred lines hard to define just an inch away
crossing over to where there is no taking back,
snow blind my vision has become and I'm lost;
this new year in just a number with the same old stuff.

Copyright by NewLife2008