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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Treacherous Heart

Wicked and twisted,
I never had a chance;
of petulant character
you refused to sympathize.
Slighted, you reasoned
a motive to capitalize,
unremorseful was your stance.
With a treacherous assault you attacked
with every ounce of your being;
you didn't think twice to hold back.
With such ferocity it sent me reeling,
taken aback not sure how to react;
my only thought is a painful recognition
of the irreversible damage you exact.
Never did I think this could happen;
of you I was so convinced
but now I’m on the floor grappling;
my mind trying to make some sense
of the aftermath you left me with.
Emotions torn like flesh on a barbed wired fence,
sadly I have only myself to blame for this.
so desperate yet I trusted you still,
now my life is all torn apart
to exact my revenge is my only will;
I’ll be done with you when I kill – my treacherous heart.

Copyright by NewLife2008