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Friday, March 8, 2013


Inside my heart, I find a black hole exists;
there sadness and hopelessness persists
despite the love from others it resists;
pushing me from the very ones I subsist.

I don’t know how it started gaining control of
my thoughts and feelings of all I’ve come to know;
logic has disappeared into the depths below;
left in this abyss where nothing can grow.

No matter what I always was positive and happy,
but now I’m no longer the person I used to be;
all I am is just negative and full of apathy
and could care less now if I became a casualty.

It seems my actions are no longer benign;
as if I’m trying to ruin this life of mine.
The sparkle that was in me no longer shines;
I don’t know if anyone can stop this in time.

Constantly I have to deal with debilitating pain,
despite treatment my affliction doesn’t wane;
all my emotions and spirit have all but drained
and I wish I could go to sleep and there remain.

My love, I’m sorry for sounding so selfish,
to me you’re everything and you I will always cherish;
I thought the both of us would make it to the finish
but I can no longer live this life of anguish…

Copyright by NewLife2008