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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meteorological Spectacle

Clouds torn and dark;
boiling anger of two invisible masses;
they collide without prejudice
creating a tempest ready to unleash.
Its subjects at its mercy,
no premeditation, no malice;
though violent still in it’s intent.
Down comes the torrent
pummeling and unforgiving;
It’s presence felt by the boisterous wind
attacking everything in its path;
nothing is left unscathed.
Fire lighting the sky, hotter than the sun,
causing waves of air to reverberate the ground;
stomping the earth and leaving its presence behind
as it slowly dissipates with nowhere to be found.
The cascades unrelenting still;
creating masses of liquid that weren't there before;
pushing and bursting forth no longer to be contained
as it finds the path of least resistance down a drain
taking everything in its path.
Slowly it finally abates; no longer a driving rain
the precipitation returning from where it came,
the dark mass moves itself along;
suddenly the tempest is gone.
As raindrops blanket the land
giving it sustenance and rejuvenation,
the events making the air clean again;
prolonging all of life’s creation;
the cycle is back to where it began.

Copyright by NewLife2008