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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maternal Pacifier

Awakened from a nightmare I didn’t understand
sitting upright in my bed with a frightened stare
and eyes wide open not able to control my fear.

Up and off bed to the hardwood floor I land,
running into my mother’s loving arms of care;
asking me what’s wrong as she wipes away the tears.

Intently listening as if my worries were paramount;
looking into my frighten eyes and holding my hand
she started to speak and I hung on her every word.

What she spoke to me gave me no reason to doubt;
a calming force she displayed with such command
that with every word she spoke it always reassured.

On her lap my head laid as I played with her plaid skirt;
calming me with her voice as it reverberated in my chest
while stroking my hair; I started to slowly fall asleep.

My mother always aware knew I was drifting but still alert;
nudged me to get up and sent me off to bed to get my rest.
Getting up from her lap I went back to bed and fell into a heap.

Copyright by NewLife2008