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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maternal Pacifier

Awakened from a nightmare I didn’t understand
sitting upright in my bed with a frightened stare
and eyes wide open not able to control my fear.

Up and off bed to the hardwood floor I land,
running into my mother’s loving arms of care;
asking me what’s wrong as she wipes away the tears.

Intently listening as if my worries were paramount;
looking into my frighten eyes and holding my hand
she started to speak and I hung on her every word.

What she spoke to me gave me no reason to doubt;
a calming force she displayed with such command
that with every word she spoke it always reassured.

On her lap my head laid as I played with her plaid skirt;
calming me with her voice as it reverberated in my chest
while stroking my hair; I started to slowly fall asleep.

My mother always aware knew I was drifting but still alert;
nudged me to get up and sent me off to bed to get my rest.
Getting up from her lap I went back to bed and fell into a heap.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meteorological Spectacle

Clouds torn and dark;
boiling anger of two invisible masses;
they collide without prejudice
creating a tempest ready to unleash.
Its subjects at its mercy,
no premeditation, no malice;
though violent still in it’s intent.
Down comes the torrent
pummeling and unforgiving;
It’s presence felt by the boisterous wind
attacking everything in its path;
nothing is left unscathed.
Fire lighting the sky, hotter than the sun,
causing waves of air to reverberate the ground;
stomping the earth and leaving its presence behind
as it slowly dissipates with nowhere to be found.
The cascades unrelenting still;
creating masses of liquid that weren't there before;
pushing and bursting forth no longer to be contained
as it finds the path of least resistance down a drain
taking everything in its path.
Slowly it finally abates; no longer a driving rain
the precipitation returning from where it came,
the dark mass moves itself along;
suddenly the tempest is gone.
As raindrops blanket the land
giving it sustenance and rejuvenation,
the events making the air clean again;
prolonging all of life’s creation;
the cycle is back to where it began.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Dream Crazy

3:17 am and I'm awakened by a sound;
something eerily familiar comes around
and it brings chills down my spine.
It’s here again and it’s stealing my time
nothing in the house seems to be amiss;
but somehow this gut feeling still exists.
It’s a presence I feel but can’t shake
and the reason as to why I'm awake.
It seems to be only messing with me,
my wife is asleep but it won't let me be.
So back to the bedroom in the bed I climb,
I pull the covers over me and look at the time;
it’s 4:38 am and I'm trying to get back to sleep again.
As I go back to sleep I wonder if this was all pretend;
time to wake up as the alarm goes off; it’s now 6 am.
I asked my wife how she slept and I get a surprise
she said she didn't sleep a wink - I can see it in her eyes.
She said I tossed and turned all night long
and that it was me that kept her up all along.
“So I didn't get up earlier this morning around 3 am?”
“no she said, and I tried to shake you again and again
but to no avail, you just laid there out like a light.”
But I could have sworn it was the other way around;
it was me that was awakened up by a sound!
She just stared at me and then said a few words;
“Now that you’re up I can sleep” and THAT was all I heard.

 Copyright by NewLife2008