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Saturday, May 17, 2014


The night blackness caresses my very being;
blankly staring into the nothingness I'm seeing
a kaleidoscope of colors flash before my eyes
and it seems as if I'm wide awake dreaming.

The sounds in my head echo as if in a canyon
bouncing off the walls of my mind with reckless abandon,
reverberating endlessly with its winsome cries;
provides the only solace I share with my nightly companion.

My bustling mind is on spin cycle but it's not extracting;
it's always full of thoughts and constantly overactive.
Subtly I try to coax it to unwittingly compromise;
singing its praises so that I can distract it.

The lullaby rocks my consciousness like a baby;
finally the lids of my eyes are becoming lazy.
My body quietly succumbs though I don't realize
as sleep hushes my thoughts and finally saves me.

Copyright by NewLife2008