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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Not Sure Anymore

I’m not that strong
but still I carry on;
another day all alone
trying to make it on my own,
oh how I miss you so.

Not a day goes by
of me wondering why
you found it necessary
to leave the one you married;
saying you had to go.

I try to understand your fears,
but understand I need you here.
Every night I lie in my bed alone
I never thought I would be on my own
this far down the road.

What you’re doing with your life
I don’t know, but what do you care?
You left without any definite answer
leaving everything up in the air
it’s turned out to be a disaster.

I remember all the times we shared;
all the times you said you loved me
and how you would never leave.
Always together forever, you and me
but I’m not too sure anymore.

So many nights I cry
wishing you were by my side.
My feelings live inside myself
to others they’re never shown
I smile and keep carrying on.

You’re still in my heart;
but I’m not that strong;
faithful to you I’ll always be
but I’m losing hope that
you’ll ever come back to me.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact
that you’re not coming back, though
in my heart you will always stay.
I love you even though you’re gone
but with or without you I will carry on.

Copyright by NewLife2008