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Friday, June 27, 2014

A Living Dream

Visions of you linger in my head like a lazy afternoon
while I lie on the cool grass under an abundant shady tree,
these pleasant thoughts of you drift by like runaway balloons
and I feel the rays of warmth that you cause inside of me.

The flowers aroma reminds me of your distinctive scent
and the summers breeze like the delicate touch of your hands;
remembering your smell and your touch I'm eager to relent
to your soft whispers and obsequious to your demands.

Your silhouette I envision as I drift off into a state of bliss
finding every curve and nuance of you aesthetically pleasing
and your lips are like oxygen that I take in with every kiss
giving me life for without you I would have no reason.

I'm easily intoxicated by the very sight of your existence
a conscious realization that has awaken my very being;
as I come to and sit up I see you approaching in the distance
and so glad that you're mine and I'm no longer dreaming.

Copyright by NewLife2008