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Wednesday, June 4, 2014



On a cloudless night one day in June
I tried to entice a dare from the moon;
to see if he would commit an act of truancy
and spend a few hours with me in lunacy.

He said; "But I have many things that depend upon me,
what about the plants, the stars, and the waves of the sea?"
"I can only stay up a few hours tonight anyway;"
I replied, "can you please come down here and play?"

With a gleeful squeal the moon willingly complied
and quickly came down to earth to play by my side.
We first danced on the grass in circles like jubilant doe
and then rolled down the hill by the country chateau.

Like a puppy everywhere I went he eagerly pursued
and said, "This is something that I always wanted to do;
I'm just so happy that someone finally asked me
and want you to know a friend to you I'll always be."

Next he asked me if I had a wagon to pull him along,
I told him, "I have a wheel barrel but I'm not that strong"
"Don't worry", he said; "I hang upon nothing here in the sky,
I'll make myself as light as a feather, just give it a try."

He was right and as I pushed him along the countryside
he lit up our path as we laughed out in sheer delight.
Continuing to push him in the barrel he bounced along
as if landing on every word that you'd follow in a song.

While playing the animals stared out of amazement
as they'd never seen the moon ever act so brazen;
he didn't notice being too caught up in the moment
and I didn't realize my allotted time was already spent.

The moon told me he had to return to his rightful place
and thanked me for the time we spent as we embraced.
I'll always remember that cloudless night one day in June
of all the crazy moments I got to spend with the moon.

Copyright by NewLife2008