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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Fields of grain blanket the countryside
unabashed as they dance to the breeze;
catching the attention of everyone’s eye
reveling in the merriment they bring.

White tuffs that float away in the breeze
across the fields of a lazy summer’s day;
dreams and wishes stem from tiny hands
into the heavens they eagerly bequeath.

The benevolent sun gracefully acquiesced
we thankfully reply with strong backs
as we bow low cultivating with great pains
praying that the land will kindly repay.

As velvet colored skies pierce the horizon
a distant cry beckons them to the back door
they know exactly what mother’s calling for
little feet kick up dust, eager to comply.

The vestiges of the day no longer remain
as the sun closes her eyes and goes to sleep
the night lights of heaven brightly flicker;
only here in the heartland is where they reside.

Copyright by NewLife2008