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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sweet Addiction

You deceived me to my own detriment;
though oh such a sweet odor, I couldn't resist.
Consumed by blinded passion I'm immersed
in to feelings of euphoria waiting for my misery.

Time stands still or is it just my denial?
The former of I’m convinced until I’m betrayed
by the stinging chill of rejection that hits like a tsunami
and I’m floored as I feel the power of your rejection.

You mock me and I’m nothing but helpless
though you always lead me on thinking it will
be different; but again I agonize on why I
always let you get the best of me.

Oh the addiction that you are to me!
It seems I can’t break free from your salacious
appeal – but I can no longer indulge for you
betray me every single time – this is goodbye.

Cold turkey is my only salvation; I can’t
bring myself to indulge though thoughts
of you make me salivate – out of my life
forever and for me no more sleepless nights.

Copyright by NewLife2008