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Friday, February 22, 2013


As morning arrived, this was the day;
nothing to deter him, he was not to be swayed;
his mind firmly fixed on his task at hand;
today would be the day he made his stand.

The internet was his source of unending knowledge
to obtain his instruments for the eventual carnage;
tediously he painstakingly went over ever detail;
gloating with confidence, he would not fail.

The usual suspects he didn't represent;
unassuming his appearance they didn't have a hint;
inflamed and horrified as the beads of sweat appeared
his heart pulsating as the conclusion of his destiny neared.

A young girl glances his way and smiles;
acknowledging her with a wave staying focused all the while
bobbing his head to the beats in his ears and
in the mass of people he quietly disappears.

Backpack in tow the countdown has begun;
in his mind he believes that he’s already won;
trifling establishment will be forced to recognize
with the fear and dread he imposes on their lives.

In a blink of an eye, the sound is deafening;
the destruction his day of reckoning;
stained streets and twisted metal abound as
only bits and pieces of flesh remain on the ground.

Painstakingly the evidence is slowly revealed;
his reasons and beliefs no longer concealed;
as people ask why and contemplate the unknown;
one thing is painfully clear, he is not alone.

Copyright by NewLife2008