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Monday, December 16, 2013

Pain of Fogetting

The pain of forgetting
you is  hard to forget;
since I’m not over you yet.
It’s the hardest thing to do
but I have no other choice;
it seems I mattered little to you
realizing I never had a voice.
Your words didn’t mean a thing
leaving me without any regret;
caring less of the pain it brings.
Letting myself be deceived
I was blinded by appearances;
little by little the layers revealed
underneath you’re so much less.
Looking back, I wish I seen it sooner;
but I was blinded by your glittery mess.
Ridding myself of every vestige
you left behind I threw it all away
even though your memory lingers
the scars I bare will always stay.
I don’t regret my life; I just regret you
and what you did cuts like a knife
since my heart to you belonged.
So I embark on my new journey
though I don’t have a destination;
as I learn to be content with my life
and with what and who I am.
Though I still think of you at times
the pain of forgetting you is gone
you’re more a figment of my imagination
as if you were never there all along.

Copyright by NewLife2008