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Monday, March 23, 2015

Cause and Effect

It began with a smile as she walked by…
he couldn’t help it as she caught his eye,
as she fumbled with her things he saw
an opportunity to be a chivalrous guy;
she didn’t refuse and as they touched hands
the love chemicals stirred with gentle sighs.

It was unintended and of course they didn’t know
that with this one kind act their love would grow
deeper than any one of them could ever dream,
slowly but undeniably real; both of them could tell.
Their word actions and actions clearly told them so;
so sure they showed the whole world with matrimony.

Swirling inside a feeling unexplained,
primordial in a blink of an eye, it came.
The ingredients of a human existence
coming together from two to create one;
hair color, height, gender, personality,
the genetic concoction of life has begun.

Dividing, expanding, starting from a cell
to continue inside though no one could tell
consummated with love this husband and wife
knew that in time they would have a new life
as they would give their all to love and protect
brought on by the simple act of cause and effect.

Copyright by NewLife2008