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Thursday, March 19, 2015

No Light at the End of the Tunnel - My Nightmare

My head is pounding as I try to arise
but I fall back into the damp environment;
trying to gather my senses and focus my eyes
I can hear footsteps and feel an evil presence.

Chills run through my body as I can’t see a thing;
I fumble in the dark trying to find any kind of weapon
grabbing something substantial I steady my aim
and hope that this cave doesn’t become my coffin.

All the while backing up I’ve put myself in a corner
the outcome of my finality seems to be imminent;
my heart is pounding so hard from the unknown horror;
in its anger it lashes out at me with ferocious intent.

I’m sent spinning downward by its mighty blows
all of a sudden I’m greeted by a deafening roar,
wakened out of sleep I about jumped out of my clothes
because it’s my mother yelling at me to do my chores.

Copyright by NewLife2008