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Monday, May 25, 2015

Survey Satisfaction Ha!

I went to check my email today,
Yahoo wanted me to take a survey;
I gladly obliged to their request
so I could get things off my chest;
I tell you this 360 thing is a mess!

Did our technical support do the trick?
Are you kidding, it would make a dead man sick!
All these questions from scales 1 to 10;
like this is a means to and end;
all I know it’s not working again!

I have so many poems to post;
to reveal what I think and feel
and I want 360 to be the host,
but it keeps messing up – what is the deal!?
The problems they keep having are unreal!

Asking if Yahoo answers helped any,
well I tried but to no avail;
I understand the suggestions but the problems are too many
that even a top-notch scientist couldn’t reveal;
tolling for an eternity and nothing resolved after all his years!

I will post this but it won’t show as I intended;
they ask me if I have any pearls of wisdom -
a pearl’s beginning is with an irritation;
I don’t have a pearl quite just yet
but I will if they don’t fix this situation!

Copyright by NewLife2008