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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Prison Walls

Inside these four walls the majority of my life has been,

all of my own doing and no one else to blame.

Slowly it eats at me and my hope fades from within;

realizing the cost I’ve had to pay with no freedom from this pain.

I wish I had learned then the things that I clearly know now;

age and experience it seems to be the only cruel teacher for me.

Rebellious youth and not wanting to listen is what kept me down,

now I wish and pray that one day I can be set free.

Free from the guilt and the turmoil forever stirring inside my soul,

the consequences of my actions always being a constant reminder

leaving me drained, empty and never feeling quite whole;

let me see the light to direct my steps and tear off these blinders.

If I’m ever granted the chance to praise the freedom I crave

I plead within my reasoning’s to this life of mine be saved;

protect my heart, sharpen my perceptive powers of right and wrong,

so that for only righteousness sake I become to it a slave,

making me aware of my sinful tendencies to help me resist and become strong;

to finally escape this prison from within

so I can enjoy this life and be happy again.

Copyright by NewLife2008