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Monday, May 11, 2015


Like an open book I read you as soon as I saw your tattered cover
believing you have integrity but you’re just like all the others;
while in person your face masquerades as if you’re amicable
but behind their backs your actions are nothing but despicable.
As though we don’t know how you really are; so obvious to us all
you think big of yourself, but in reality you’re nothing but small.

Diminutive in mind, short sighted and miserable
trying to shift blame; your actions make you culpable.
When it comes time for you to truly make your stand
you disappear like an ostrich sticking it’s head in the sand
oblivious that’s your excuse; you truly have no back bone
and when they need your backing you’re nothing but gone.

To err is to be human, but you take it as a personal slight
instead of responding as a professional you react out of spite;
no apology can be accepted; since forgiveness isn’t in you
keep it inside and wait until you get even, that’s what you do.
You act like you care but we know inside you don’t care one bit;
playing as if a victim and too blind to admit you’re really the culprit.

Copyright by NewLife2008