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Saturday, October 3, 2015

In Between My Couch Cushions

In between the cushions of my couch
I found memories of you here and there;
A piece of lint from your sweater
and the conversations we used to share.
People watching was what I did with you
as if every movement was in slow motion;
I was captured by your beauty like a Rembrandt
but now its all a fleeting memory.
Finding coins between the cushions
doesn’t ease the void I now carry,
my pockets empty as my heart, torn apart
all because of something I did or didn’t do.
So I cleaned the cushion of all the memories
I just had to; I had to vacuum them all up
like glimmers of hair between the light and dust
and buttons that probably went to your sweater.
Shaking out all the dust and memories into the trash
remembering the fondness I found that day
and remembering the pain of what I lost;  
In between the cushions of my couch.

Copyright by NewLife2008