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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wonderful Realization

Summer’s lazy days finally comes to its finality
with the coming and passing of another Labor Day;
no more holding of hands on the boardwalk
and the sound of children’s voices slowly fades
like a rising fog making the day visibly clear;
a change of another season is almost here.

Cricket and cicada sounds no longer pierce the air;
like the hot humid air they’ve all disappeared.
Annuals and perennials faces now began to droop
saddened they can no longer greet us day by day,
knowing we won’t have our morning companions to greet;
their cycle of life to live and procreate is now complete.

Another phase has been ushered in as the seasons collide;
fierce, bold, blustery winds give us no choice to decide.
Summer’s gone away and now nature takes its leave,
chlorophyll takes a reprieve as the trees began to slumber
deciduous they’ve become as palettes of colored leaves pirouette,
dancing silently in the air and falling to the ground everywhere.

Hot beverages with cocoa and pumpkin become in high demand;
people in jackets and turtle neck sweaters as love becomes grand,
fireplaces flickering at night as frost meets the morning light.
Lazy in slumber we’ve become feeling the warmth of each other
as we lay under bed covers my eyes flicker against your skin;
gradually waking up to the wonderful realization that it’s autumn again.

Copyright by NewLife2008