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Monday, October 12, 2015


You’re a small sleepy town
a familiarity that soothes;
like cobbled stoned memories
you reawakened my youth,
in the windows of your soul
shines a Tuscany sunset in spring;
your contours like warm rolling hills
and a smile like sunrise’s warm morning glow.

I’m flying high here on the ground
as if I were in a hot air balloon
and if feels like no one else is around
Only you, just you are all that exists.
Sweet sounds that emanate from fruitful lips
calling me in like waves lapping the beach;
your words mesmerize me as if in a trance
so simple but touching me so deep.

Your love is like water I need to quench my thirst,
your soul like fire feeds my love that keeps burning,
your mind that continually stimulates my yearning;
I can’t refuse, nor can I refute the effects of your love.
Though imperfect the feeling is perfectly manifested
throughout the years, the sadness, anger, happiness and tears;
together we’ve painted a picture and from my view
nothing else is more beautiful than the masterpiece that’s you.

Copyright by NewLife2008