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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wonderful Realization

Summer’s lazy days finally comes to its finality
with the coming and passing of another Labor Day;
no more holding of hands on the boardwalk
and the sound of children’s voices slowly fades
like a rising fog making the day visibly clear;
a change of another season is almost here.

Cricket and cicada sounds no longer pierce the air;
like the hot humid air they’ve all disappeared.
Annuals and perennials faces now began to droop
saddened they can no longer greet us day by day,
knowing we won’t have our morning companions to greet;
their cycle of life to live and procreate is now complete.

Another phase has been ushered in as the seasons collide;
fierce, bold, blustery winds give us no choice to decide.
Summer’s gone away and now nature takes its leave,
chlorophyll takes a reprieve as the trees began to slumber
deciduous they’ve become as palettes of colored leaves pirouette,
dancing silently in the air and falling to the ground everywhere.

Hot beverages with cocoa and pumpkin become in high demand;
people in jackets and turtle neck sweaters as love becomes grand,
fireplaces flickering at night as frost meets the morning light.
Lazy in slumber we’ve become feeling the warmth of each other
as we lay under bed covers my eyes flicker against your skin;
gradually waking up to the wonderful realization that it’s autumn again.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Monday, October 12, 2015


You’re a small sleepy town
a familiarity that soothes;
like cobbled stoned memories
you reawakened my youth,
in the windows of your soul
shines a Tuscany sunset in spring;
your contours like warm rolling hills
and a smile like sunrise’s warm morning glow.

I’m flying high here on the ground
as if I were in a hot air balloon
and if feels like no one else is around
Only you, just you are all that exists.
Sweet sounds that emanate from fruitful lips
calling me in like waves lapping the beach;
your words mesmerize me as if in a trance
so simple but touching me so deep.

Your love is like water I need to quench my thirst,
your soul like fire feeds my love that keeps burning,
your mind that continually stimulates my yearning;
I can’t refuse, nor can I refute the effects of your love.
Though imperfect the feeling is perfectly manifested
throughout the years, the sadness, anger, happiness and tears;
together we’ve painted a picture and from my view
nothing else is more beautiful than the masterpiece that’s you.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wicked Torment

In an old wooden house every night I sleep,
proclivity for rest is always fleeting
for my subconscious betrays my sensibility;
as is seems the house is alive and breathing
with creaks and bumps I hear every night.

In my bed I can’t determine its location;
is it inside the house or just inside my head?
I try to hone in on the sound as silence now abounds,
there it is; I hear it again, louder and louder it becomes,
my heart races and all of a sudden the sound stops -

Only the sound of my heart pounding remains
as I sit up sweat beads on my forehead appear;
all of a sudden my body is raked with chills and
my body won’t stop shaking as I try to keep still;
spent from exhaustion my body is terribly weak.

As I try to gather my thoughts it becomes clear
these sounds were spurned on by a nightmare;
I figure out now I was just hallucinating, the
sweat was coming from the high fever I had;
from this cruel flu that was driving me mad.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Only You

Kiss me, as I long for your touch
to me it means oh so much;
for it emboldens me to rise above
knowing that I have your love

With the back of your hand, touch my face,
stroking downward with a steady pace;
as I gaze in your eyes I don’t have to guess
the love for me you so willingly express.

Hold me close and whisper softly in my ear
and tell all the things of me you love so dear;
reiterating what I already know the truth to be
knowing I have your love makes me so happy.

It’s the little things you do that carry such weight;
the way you consider me and how you communicate
it only makes me want to reciprocate more and more
and love you for the rest of your life as no one has before.

It’s you that brings me joy when I’m feeling low,
knowing when to hold me and when to let go;
allowing me to vent when I go off on a rant or
encouraging me to carry on when I feel I can’t.

For you my heart will always be an open book,
never realizing it was you that all it took to
open up my eyes and see how love could really be
and it was you, only you that finally made me see.

Copyright by NewLife2008

Saturday, October 3, 2015

In Between My Couch Cushions

In between the cushions of my couch
I found memories of you here and there;
A piece of lint from your sweater
and the conversations we used to share.
People watching was what I did with you
as if every movement was in slow motion;
I was captured by your beauty like a Rembrandt
but now its all a fleeting memory.
Finding coins between the cushions
doesn’t ease the void I now carry,
my pockets empty as my heart, torn apart
all because of something I did or didn’t do.
So I cleaned the cushion of all the memories
I just had to; I had to vacuum them all up
like glimmers of hair between the light and dust
and buttons that probably went to your sweater.
Shaking out all the dust and memories into the trash
remembering the fondness I found that day
and remembering the pain of what I lost;  
In between the cushions of my couch.

Copyright by NewLife2008