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Thursday, February 18, 2016


As night falls, shadows climb into the light;
the midnight sun giving them a new life.
Pedestrians completely unaware
as the shadows stop and stare
before they inconspicuously disappear.

The air tastes the sweet and salty sounds
of conversations that fall to the ground;
in between the cracks and lines of asphalt,
trampled nightly by a rhythmic assault;
where they started ends up being worlds apart.

Urbanites can’t help be drawn to its sparkle;
wealthy to the destitute the city isn’t impartial.
Determined to reach out for what they’re after
whatever the color, to them it doesn’t matter;
it ends up being their mistress or their master.

A city never sleeps but does take a brief respite
as night dwellers disappear well before the sunlight;
in the depths of the concrete streets the city exhales,
the sound of heels from a different breed takes flight
encapsulating the many different faces of city life.

Copyright by NewLife2008