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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

North Wails

Flooded fluorescent mustard colored walls
surround me and assault my vision daily;
dreams of sunny open spaces always call
memories of happiness I recall are hazy.

Maybe it's the stench of this carpet that stings
to the point of erasing all I recall with fondness;
musky to the point that it drowns all my dreams
encompassing me with all that is darkness.

For half of my day I think I'm in an asylum;
the madness that exists is beyond comprehension,
I try to impose my will but I feel like I'm on an island
and I can't escape because I'm in another dimension.

On a daily basis I serve my time like a prisoner
paying my debt to society trying to be a survivor;
the warden here is oppressive and just sinister
to his methods of punishment I'm not a subscriber.

So I spend my time trying to stay as busy as possible;
at times I get a reprieve by looking out of my window
seeing the snow fall makes my agony almost inaudible;
silently it disappears and I wish I could let this all go.

I hear the outside world and I long to get my time done;
it beckons me as I see glimpses through my peripheral vision
trying to  keep my sanity intact and not come undone;
it’s pull is so strong to the point I hate my situation.

Finally, the audible alarm of my phone signals my freedom,
I unshackle the weight of this daily responsibility
and follow the path home to the one who is my beacon;
greeted by the light that is my love who makes it real to me.

Copyright by NewLife2008