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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What You Need

Paper thin but it catches you by surprise
when you feel the pain and suddenly realize
your bleeding and it won’t stop
that’s what a broken heart is
and your emotions are out of control
the hurt is so deep you can’t be consoled

Just let it bleed
let it bleed
that’s what you need
just let out the pain
let it fall like the rain
Let it fall

When all of your tears have dried
pick yourself up from the inside
cause the pain won’t suddenly stop
and you’ve got to keep moving on
let go of the weight, leave it behind
and put this into the corners of you mind

Just go on
yeah go on
that’s what you need
you’ve got to be strong
stand up tall and believe
just believe

On your own that’s all you need
now you’ve got happiness that’s the key
and nobody’s going to bring you down
you won’t make that mistake again
and if you decide to let someone in

It’s going to be what you need
just what you need
a one way street a love don’t make
from now on it’s give and take
it’s give and take

it’s what you need
that's what you need
what you need…

Copyright by NewLife2008