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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Coup de Grâce

The day began with a heavy suddenness;
like dark angry clouds you could see it was
fast approaching and nothing would stop it.
I knew it was coming, but that day arrived with
a vengeance and it was nothing I could have
of imagined in the wildest of my dreams.

For most it was the worst thing that ever could occur
and like a trauma patient each and every person was in
shock - in unison they cried a collective gasp - it was here.
The chaotic swirling mass of humanity fell down
to their knees as they cried out in disbelief knowing
nothing would change the eventual outcome.

No more freedom, no this was not a choice for us to make
it was someone else’s and it was swift and it was harsh.
The governments were fed up with the tantrums of religion
and now they were going to punish each and every one -
chapels, synagogues, mosques, and temples - they all fell
everyone destroyed; the nations had their fill and were fed up.

No gods to help those who were so sure this never could happen
their gods were as empty as their places of worship - no reply.
Government had washed their hands of them though they were
 just as guilty being bedfellows; but devoured them completely.
Humanities cries went unheard, religion’s power was gone forever.
Yes, no vestige was to be found for they were completely annihilated.

With the advent of social media the news of this had it’s effect on
the world of commerce; like a set of standing dominoes back to
back, in one day every world’s stock market came crashing down.
No more big corporations; no more banks, no more small business,
no more 401 K. No more separation, no more distinction, no more
have and have not’s; now everyone was on similar and equal ground.

In the chaotic aftermath riots abounded, marital law was ordered;
those who didn’t comply were eradicated, terrible as it may seem that
whole families suffered the consequences –  but they were defiant and
not a one was spared – not even the innocent children. That was the tragic part.
Months passed before the government had the masses in control and to where no
evidence from the stain of massacres that had occurred on the streets was found.

Finally the leaders of the governments came out of their fortified walls
to tell with a sarcastic tone that they had finally achieved peace on earth.
For most of the people, they were in agreement; any rebels were quickly
dispatched. It seemed they truly got rid of all religion, but one quietly still
existed, for some reason they went unrecognized, not found on the radar
of humanity until someone exposed them – and now the attention turns to them.

Have I piqued your attention? Do you want to know what eventually
happens to this unimposing, diminutive, peaceful group of people?
Well, this was something that was foretold for a long time but it has
gone unnoticed and will go unnoticed until that beginning day comes to
fruition. When that day happens it will culminate to be the worst thing that
any human has seen. The question is: in the end which side are you on?

Copyright by NewLife2008