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Friday, June 28, 2013

Dog Gone Love

In my life I’ve not yet quite found love;
my heart is like dry parched desert land
waiting for copious showers from up above;
to germinate the seed that lies dormant below.
For years without love it seems I’m a forsaken man;
reciprocating loneliness is the only thing I know.

Between the lines of love and like is where I lie
when I hear the last words I’ve never liked;
saying you're nice and so unique
but not enough to me for it to be you.
It seems I'm always the other guy;
that’s good enough to befriend but not to keep.

The window of opportunity has shut on me again,
the moment has passed and I can no longer get in.
So it seems I'm right back to square one and
I'm beginning to believe that it’s nothing I've done;
since I've exhausted every avenue; I realize it
has nothing to do with me but all with you.

You could explain it but it wouldn’t change the intricacies;
saying you wished it was something more tangible
like a cold or some type of disease so you could
have a prescription filled out at the pharmacy;
instead of standing here making apologies and
making yourself believe you're letting me down easy.

But let me down is all you've done;
once again I realize I'm not the one.
If I was some kind of cuddly animal to be by your side
and “messed” up the relationship I'd just go and hide;
scold me okay, but then after it’s all said and done;
everything would be cleaned up and we'd still be one.

Copyright by NewLife2008