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Friday, June 28, 2013

Deliberate Intent

Primordial dust concocted;
from loneliness prompted
someone in his likeness,
but just the direct opposite.

He was keenly cognizant
she was his other half and
now he had a perfect compliment.

Beauty, emotion, and strength
prompted poetry at length;
flesh of flesh, bone of bone
from him the first woman known.

He acknowledging the divine
to her he would be inclined, though
to a fault; it would be his demise.

But he too would be her longing
the inevitable no longer prolonging
since their purpose never materialized.

Favoring her over God was unwise;
his selfish desire to please her
would God’s wrath both incur.

Sin, sickness, and death now realized, their
offspring succumbing because of selfish desire
because of this selfish love all now expire.

Copyright by NewLife2008