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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sounds Heard on a Summer Sunday Night

Like a passage in time summer’s arrival takes me back
to the days where kids played all day without a care;
on a baseball field hearing the contact of a ball with a bat
and the sounds of kids shrill excitement filling the air.
On summer days that seem to go on almost without end
then suddenly nighttime would arrive with a soft blowing wind;
but what was back then is no longer what it is today
for some of those things back then are no longer around.
Like fireflies that would intermittently flicker at night,
then we would anxiously await for them to relight;
seeing them in leaps and bounds we would advance
careful not to hurt them as we cupped them in our hands.
I recall playing with my cousins in the yard at night;
playing hide and go seek in shadows by the moonlight
as one counted down we'd try to hide as best as we could;
the shouting of “ready or not here I come!” was well understood.
But those scenes are all but just a distant memory now,
time has changed and doing things at night aren't as safe
as caution is needed when choosing a time and a place.
But last night I took my grandson to a park along a bayou,
my intent was to take some pictures of the Perigee moon.
As we arrived, a father and son were catching a football;
in the distance others strolling down the walking trail;
setting my camera on the tripod people would wish me well.
My grandson asked if I knew them and then telling them hi;
I told him no but it was good to see that people still care.
My 500mm lens made the moon seem so close to touch,
letting my grandson peer through the viewfinder to see
in his wildest imagination a vision he never beheld and
with every click of my camera he did with his toy one as well.
Edging towards nine pm I thought a few more pictures I’d take
Taking low light pictures of the cars leaving the park for home
like streaking strobe lights I told him the pictures would reveal;
though explaining the process to a seven year old is harder still.
With the moonroof open and playing “Something about You” we
drove home with smiles on our face and contentment in our hearts;
enjoying the sounds of a summer Sunday night ended when we arrived home.
But the best sounds were uttered from my grandson as I turned off the car
and he said, “Grandpa this is one of the best days I've had so far.”
Without a doubt I agreed as we walked inside I hugged him tight
he told me he loved me and after his bath I kissed him goodnight.

Copyright by NewLife2008