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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Acrimonious Existence

My days, these desperate times;
the hopelessness hangs heavy -
it haunts me leaving me drained
and it seems I can't escape.

Glimmers of hope though faint
exist though only as a fine mist;
they being too far in between
as they dissipate in this wickedness.

And things are just getting worse;
we want to believe otherwise
but just can’t ignore the obvious
and it just makes me feel helpless.

Technology brings the world closer
connecting us in a personal way;
but yet we are getting further away;
love for our fellow humans lacking.

I know where this is all leading to;
it hurts knowing people won’t change -
the majority in fact could care less
as long it doesn’t affect them personally.

And I sink down into my very soul
seeing this whole world dying;
the earth given into our hands
and yet we are failing miserably.

So here I go putting on a brave face
pulling myself up by my bootstraps;
to live another day in “paradise”
not knowing what to expect – and hope I survive.

Copyright by NewLife2008