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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Goodnight to All

Goodnight to all
and to all a good night;
thankful for another day
as the sun gives way to night.

Close your eyes and rest your mind
as you adjust the sheets and pillowcase.
time to seek slumber and rejuvenate;
the nightly proclivity our body postulates.

Irenic dreams I wish we could all possess;
though fleeting it seems at best.
Tossing and turning though unaware;
pillaging peaceful sleep amid the midnight air.

Saying “goodnight” is all just a formality;
far beyond the happenings of normality.
As things take place inside our cranium;
praying our nightmares are kept to a minimum.

Another day at its end and it’s time to pray;
to count your blessings for another day,
wishing serenity as nighttime falls and
to all a goodnight and goodnight to all.

Copyright by NewLife2008