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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

With Each Step I Take

With each step I take
closer to you I get;
though I'm not there yet;
one heart does not a love make.

Hoping that you'll return the favor
for it’s your love I want to savor.
No one is sweeter than you;
you're a picture perfect view.

That's just the tip of my tongue
of every word that I want to say;
when you come around I come undone
and I can tell that you feel the same way.

You confirm it with your words;
the sweetest ones I've ever heard,
for they are music to my ears
as you ask me to hold you near.

You and me now until forever
our lives we'll share together
Living on love and prayer along
with the tears and happiness we share.

From the day when we first met
I still haven't figured it out yet;
but glad I'm the love of your life
and so happy to call you my wife.

Copyright by NewLife2008