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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ah, Yes

Ah yes, loves a many splintered thing;
because it leaves you broken up again.
I’m not good at this poetry gig;
I think it was Shakespeare who said:
“Two B’s or not Two B’s - that’s not in the alphabet!”

Mark’s Twang was really pronounced;
I think it was because he was from the south.
Literary art I literally dread; who cares
of reading things of people who are dead?
I rather go and read tombstones instead.

Stemming from the migraine in my head;
I ask, why Leonardo Di Vinci did what he did;
I mean what’s so good about Mona Lisa?
I think this stuff is full of the Tower of Pisa;
I mean if I were her I wouldn't want that face on my head.

Now all you artsy-fartsy people don’t get in a bunch;
I’m just having some fun, as you would say.
I could care less about Van Gogh or Monet;
I know this is the stuff that you live for today;
So when you die your art can pay your way.

Copyright by NewLife2008