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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In Trouble Again

My stupid mouth has got me in trouble again;
don’t know where it starts but it’s got to end.
Not even aware, thinking I was showing I cared;
my intentions were pure
without a doubt I’m sure;
it seems I just can't ever win.

It started out so innocently;
sitting across each other so peacefully.
It seemed so right, the words were flowing,
all of a sudden I did something without knowing.
I guess I did because the way she looked at me;
we haven't even ordered yet and she’s saying check please.

Oh boy this somehow feels like déjà vu;
time after time and I still don't know what to do.
Yet she won't tell me where I went wrong;
you know what you did, how can you be so dumb?!
That’s what she’s thinking and I’m so far from reality;
doing all that I can to try to make amends and not feel silly.

Oh how I wish I had no vocal cords;
that way I couldn't say the words.
Falling over myself to get through the door,
feeling I’ve been kick in the gut and I’m on the floor,
just by the look on her face I know I'll have to crawl
to get back in her graces – I just don't know how far.

With this stupid mouth I'll never speak again
no matter what I say I can never win.
It seems like I'm getting good at apologies;
I can tell by the holes of my pants at the knees
and so thankful she’s good at forgiving;
though she’s selective at forgetting.

I'm reminded time and time again of where I stand;
of when I mess up with a friendly reprimand.
Now I can't remember where I just left my keys; she
rolling her eyes with them in her hand and smirking at me.
Ah yes, I remember why she's called my better half;
so she can remind me and have her little laugh.

I'm smarter than she knows as I lead her on;
just play dumb and enjoy the outcome.
She feels sorry for me and after all she should;
if you could get away with it I know you would.
So there is a reason I do what I do, so don't feel sorry;
yeah, you believe that too? Well I'm sticking to it and that’s my story.

Copyright by NewLife2008