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Friday, August 9, 2013

Section (I Plotted but Failed)

For most, people want a piece of land;
to them this is the dream of every man.
With blood, sweat, and tears doing all they can
hoping to acquire it so they can rest in the end.

In life it’s viewed as a wise investment
hoping it becomes their final settlement;
even though in life nothing is truly definite;
except for death, this for all of us is imminent.

Sections of land all for me to choose;
just look at them, they’re such beautiful views.
With their smooth talk they make it hard to refuse
but unfortunate for them I have an excuse.

I don’t have a great job or the best credit;
no matter how hard I tried I could never get it.
It seems it was the hand I was dealt with
though I’m leaving with nothing I’m not dejected.

The reason is I don’t have very long to live
and the money I have left I didn’t want to give.
No plot of land, but its okay I have another motive;
its cremation for me and a wooden urn that’s attractive.