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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Angling For The Sea

Fiberglass flexibility,
at six and a half feet
it’s half a foot taller than me.
Tip top, tip, windings all secure;
guides to butt guide, top to bottom
all the eyes are aligned.

Male and female ferrule
fit like glove over fist;
make sure there’s nothing I missed.
Oh, man the handle is firm and neat;
there goes the real seat, butt cap
and hook keeper, well that’s that.

Ball bearings all are well greased;
the gears work perfectly
as the reel handle I gyrate
to adjust the drag moderately.
The bail is firm and the line spool is
full of line, now to attach the reel foot.

With the remnant of a salt smell
I gather my other equipment;
aerator, tackle, tackle box,
weights, leaders, popping corks
hooks, and a variety of lures.
Now a drive to the shore and leave behind my cares.

Copyright by NewLife2008