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Thursday, January 26, 2017

TIme Relinquished

I’m blank and I just can’t
though I wish I could,
even when I try I can’t think;
sometimes it just happens
in a matter of a blink.
I know what I want to say
it’s at the tip of my tongue;
I can taste it though it’s faint,
they say it’s because I’m older now
but I did this even when I was young.

Oh how I wish I could
and I just might;
I need to get up
and I know I should
but it’s such a fight.
As the electronic rooster crows
it tells me what I already know;
it’s getting harder to tell
this reason for my struggle;
I’m too tired or either I can’t hear very well.

I need to, but I don’t have the strength;
extracurricular is harder than you think.
My arch enemy makes it harder each day
if I only could do what I say;
I changed my habits, but it’s not quite enough.
Take my vitamins and supplements
but this losing weight is tough;
no matter what my regiment
time is an inevitable fate;
it’s catching up and will soon overtake.

I’m reminded time and time again
with each morning that I arise;
every glance of my reflection
the lines become more defined.
Realizing I’m further away from perfection
and farther away from the prize;
how in youth we were eagerly inclined
looking forward to another year in time
but as time passes and we get closer to our end;
we realize that time is no longer our friend.

Copyright by NewLife2008